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A Meeting


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From Nadrink, a simple message was transmitted to the Greenlandic government through highly-secure lines:

[quote][b]To:[/b] Alejandro Californian, President of the Federal Republic of Greenland
[b]From:[/b] Salvador d'Alberquerque, King of New Portugal
[b]Subject:[/b] Meeting


Firstly of all, I am honored to uphold our treaty with Greenland through the Confederation of Arctic Nations, and to undertake efforts to further the special relationship that exist between our nations.

On that matter, I would like to propose a meeting, to be held in any city in Greenland or in New Portugal, to discuss the state of our relations and other aspects that will be delved further at the meeting itself. If you wish the meeting to be held in Greenland, I would be willing to send a representative there. If the meeting should be held in New Portugal, I would propose it be held in the City of Novoporto (Churchill).

The meeting place withstanding, I will dispatch Minister of External Affairs Tyler Moeller to meet with your representative. I have done this with the knowledge and approval of Parliament. We look forward to meeting with you.

With regards,
Salvador d'Alberquerque,
King of New Portugal
With the message sent, the King sat back in his palace and waited...

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[quote]TO: Salvador d'Alberquerque, King of New Portugal
RE: Meeting

Your Excellency,

I was delighted to receive your message earlier in the day and would like to reciprocate the feelings of good-will and commitment to our ally, New Portugal. With our outstanding alliance in the Confederation of Arctic Nations, Greenland is honored to call New Portugal one of its closest allies, and we too hope to further strengthen that relationship.

I recall the conversation we had earlier this year about the interesting idea you brought up. We agreed to revisit it at a later time and with tensions on the continent having died down, at least momentarily, I believe now would be the time to revisit your suggestion, which my government and I fully support.

As such, I accept your visitation for a summit in Novoporto. Because of the importance of the meeting, Consul-General Alejandro Californian, the Minister of Infrastructure, and the Minister of Trade will be attending in addition to myself. As always, I look forward to meeting you in person.


Kristjan Eyvindsson
Lord Protector of the Republic[/quote]

All four men, along with a small delegation of aides, would fly and arrive in the city at the agreed upon date for the meeting.

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Novoporto was a work in progress. What had once been a tiny outlet that pretended to be a 'port' was now a growing city of some 200,000. Medium-sized and a couple of high-rise buildings dotted the city. Being New Portugal's only major outlet to the Hudson Bay and the Atlantic Ocean (though another port was currently under construction nearby), Novoporto was poised to become one of the fastest-growing trading and commerce centers in New Portugal.

The Greenlandic leaders and their delegations would be greeted by honorary guards of the Royal Guard and the Lago das Pradarias (Manitoba) National Guard at the newly-completed Novoporto International Airport, which was under considerable police protection, and driven to the meeting place under high security. Upon their arrival, King Salvador d'Alberquerque, Prime Minister Giorgio Silva, Minister of External Affairs Tyler Moeller, and Minister of Commerce and Labor Samantha Lopez would greet them.

"I extend you with the warmest greetings, welcome to New Portugal." The King said with a friendly smile as he greeted Consul-General Alejandro Californian, Lord Protector Kristjan Eyvindsson, and the rest of the Greenlandic delegation. Prime Minister Silva, Minister Moeller, and Minister Lopez did the same. "Thank you for coming, and it is an utmost honor to meet with you. Now, before we proceed, what is your take on the situation unfolding in Asia?" The King inquired, referring to the war that broke out between Rebel Army and its allies, and the Kingdom of Cochin.

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Eyvindsson and the others returned the warm welcome of the hosts and and greeted the New Portuguese leaders in-kind. This was the first time that both the Minister of Trade Kristofer Tomas and Minister of Infrastructure Jedson Rekkers had been in New Portugal and both men took the opportunity to better know their neighbors and allies.

"Harold expresses his apologies for not being in attendance today, and of course wishes you all the best," Eyvindsson said of the Greenlandic Foreign Affairs Minister as he shook Moeller's hand. "It seems we need someone to be running the country while we get to enjoy ourselves here," he noted with a chuckle.

When the introductions and greetings were over, Eyvindsson nodded his head as the King spoke to him. "Well, I'm certainly glad the conflict is on the other side of the world for once. From what I've heard, it seems like a real mess of things and the possibility of war seems quite high. As you well know we have a a mutual defense and optional aggression agreement with Athens though we've been trying to improve relations with Cochin after the recent South Atlantic fiasco. Right now we're going to see how things play out before escalating the situation with our involvement, but our War Ministry is working overtime as we speak. What's New Portugal's take on the situation?"

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The King nodded. "I agree with you, the possibility - no, proability - of war is running dangerously high. I just hope the situation would be resolved in a way that would be satisfactory to all sides...though I somehow doubt it. As with you, we are glad the war is distant from North America, but we are somehow concerned about South America, given that Cochin troops are stationed there."

"If you may take a seat, we can proceed with what we set out to do in the first place." d'Alberqueque said with a smile. "Firstly, would you all like a drink? We have assorted drinks, I believe." He gestured for a waiter to come over before nodding for Minister Moeller to speak.

"Now, as you all know, we have gathered together for the purpose of entering into discussions regarding an idea that had come up between our leaders earlier this year." Moeller began as he scanned the leaders and delegates. "This idea concerned the possibility of...the merger of both our nations to form a single entity, one named C.A.N.A.D.A. The Confederation of Arctic Nations and Dependent Areas, to be exact."

"I have felt that our relations had advanced to such a point that we could consider the possibility of transforming a strategic alliance into a new, unified nation that would have historical roots in the past as well reflect the current values of New Portugal and Greenland." The King spoke up in turn. "Given the signifiance of this meeting, I have drawn up some ideas of how to approach this notion of such an Union." At that moment, Moeller got out his briefcase and got out several documents, ready to hand them over to the Greenlanders.

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Each of the Greenlanders asked for some scotch and thanked the waiters as they were served. They reclined in their chairs and sipped their beverages as Moeller began his presentation. They quickly scanned through the documents the New Portuguese Minister handed them before Eyvindsson spoke.

"On behalf of Californian, Tomas, Rekkers, and myself, we express complete solidarity with your sentiments and believe a union, of sorts, between our nations into a single entity would benefit everyone involved. With the collapse of numerous governments around the world, particularly Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba in quick succession, now more than ever is the time for us to stand united in the face of a particularly finicky geopolitical climate.

I do indeed remember the conversation we had earlier, in fact it has been discussed in detail by the higher echelons of our government. We've come up with some ideas and proposals for such a merger, though many seem similar to what you have drawn up. Californian, perhaps you could go into some more detail?"

Californian nodded before addressing all the men. "I think the fact we are all gathered here right now shows how much support this idea has between both our nations. Speaking for Greenland, I can confirm that the concept of a united 'Canada' of sorts with New Portugal will have enough approval in the Greenlandic Senatus to pass. While we are all in agreement about this idea, the details are what need to be worked out. Rekkers and Tomas are here to discuss the more practical aspects of how our economies, transportation, and infrastructure will be linked, as will need to happen no matter how we unite ourselves, in addition to our governments, foreign affairs, and militaries."

With that, both ministers produced portfolios and handed out their documents to the leaders in the room. Californian continued, "Perhaps before we continue, you could briefly explain what your proposal is? From what I see it's similar to what we have in mind, but I'd like to make sure everything has been clarified."

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Moeller nodded as he and the others received the documents and scanned over them. The External Affairs Minister spoke up.

"Based on earlier discussions, we have expanded upon the proposals for the minute workings of the union. The King here has worked out the idea of converting the respective provinces of both our nations into provinces of C.A.N.A.D.A., or Canada so to say."

King d'Alberquerque continued on where the Minister had left off. "The proposed state would be something of a confederation with some federal overtones. In addition to provinces, they would be organized into 'distinct areas', where the territories currently administered by New Portugal and Greenland would be led by their respective legislatures but would report to the central government. The central government would be essentially a diarchy, headed by two leaders. In addition, New Portugal's protectorates, alas the Yukon, would be formed into an independent provinces with their own legislatures, and I was thinking that the Northwest Territories and Ontario could receive similiar treatment." The King glanced at the Yukon, Northwestern Territories and Ontario representative that were present at the meeting.

"My region would be supportative to such a proposal." Yukon representative Alan O'Neill spoke up as he glanced at all these present.

"The proposed confederation would have something of a federal territory, a federal district, so to say." Minister Samantha Lopez spoke up, and the New Portuguese leaders nodded their heads.

"Do you have any ideas or suggestions regarding this?" The King inquired.

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The representative from the Northwest Territories, formerly Blue Heaven, and the Premier of Ontario both nodded their approval to the conversation being held before Eyvindsson spoke up again.

"I agree that a confederation would be most ideal. With such a large amount of land and distinct cultures, it would make sense that these so-called regions would be allowed to maintain a large amount of autonomy with a fully intact legislature and regional government, while being subordinate to the centralized federal government in matters such as foreign affairs and defense. Ontario and the Northwest Territories both expressed interest in forming separate regions, and I'm glad to see the Yukon do so as well. New Portugal, Greenland, Ontario, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, coming together to form Canada. This is truly a momentous moment in history, gentlemen." He allowed the men in the room to savor the moment before passing the conversation off to Rekkers.

"To make the idea of a federal district a reality, I would propose Akimski Island. As a current protectorate of Greenland, both Ontario and Greenland have agreed to cede the land to a federal government to serve as the seat of government in the confederation." Rekkers looked at Ontario's Premier, who voiced his support for the proposal, while handing out maps of the proposed location to the delegates. "Akimski Island was once the nation of Harrowshire, however its population and general upkeep has fallen dramatically with the nation's collapse years ago. Making it the location for the capital of Canada would develop the area, require the resettlement of very few people, and put the capital at the relatively geographical center of the new nation."

With that, Rekkers allowed Californian to begin speaking. "It's also important for us to work out the structural details of the central government. I suppose that the government have a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. The legislature could be unicameral and allotted proportionately to the populations of the regions, voted for by the people of each region. This would allow the government to have some form of democracy. For the executive, each region would be allowed to select a person on a 'national council', which would be led by a representative from both Greenland and New Portugal. Finally, a small but powerful judicial branch would be allowed to settle disputes between regions."

"Beyond that, we need to focus on the integration between our nations that would need to be achieved in order to create Canada. National languages, even the name of the capital would have to be decided. Additionally, we would need to consider the level to which the militaries of New Portugal and Greenland would be integrated. Does New Portugal have any ideas regarding these matters?"

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The King nodded. "Yes, the central government would have a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. Although we have a bicameral system of government, I think an unicameral system of government would work out rather well in the proposed confederation. Also, we would accept Akimski Island as the site of the federal capital and seat of government." He turned to Moeller, who nodded once.

"Regarding the internal workings of the proposed confederation. I'd reckon that the official languages of both our nations would become the official languages of Canada. The federal capital could be named New Ottawa or Foundation City, or perhaps Federal City." Moeller stated. "I have this thought that the militaries from both regions would be accountable to the federal Ministry of Defense, or something similiar to that. Each region would send over an equal number of military advisors, generals, and officials to serve in a centralized body, something akin to a Supreme Council, which would assume operational control over the armed forces. Both regions would take steps to integrate their respective technology and enterprises to ensure a more unified military structure. This is some ideas I have at this moment. Does Greenland have any more ideas?"

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"I'm in complete agreement that the Canadian military should be integrated as part of the new central government. A unified force will create a stronger deterrent for those who would seek to threaten us as well as allow for technological improvement and integration between our troops and forces.

I think New Ottawa would be a fine choice for the name of our capital. It nods to our rich and diverse history while allowing us to forge our own destiny now and in the future," Eyvindsson replied to the King.

"It seems we are all in agreement on the structure and workings for the new nation and centralized government. Are there any other points you wished to discuss?"

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"New Ottawa, it is then." The King said with a smile as he looked at his Greenlandic counterparts. "We will establish the guidelines, a framework if you will, for the integration of our respective militaries into an unified military command."

He paused to drain the rest of his drink before continuing on.

"I have no other points, so I suppose we're all in agreement. So, shall we draw up an agreement or something?"

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