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Grand Papuan Council of State


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Sakamoto Mio's limosiean entered the beltway, where, under the blue sky, the skyline of Franklinville could be seen through the dense trees. After cruising up a bit, it entered an restricted area, where an enourmous bunker door, hidden by the forest, opened to admit the car in. After getting off at the underground parking lot, she rode the elevator down into the Situation Room of the Central Satellite Control Center, constructed hundreds of meters into the ground. Combining all the data gathered from the various ground stations, even with constant enlargement consturction the 20 floor tall space seemed packed.

Upon entering the Situation Room a 20 meter wide screen of the world map came into view. One could see the happenings of the world, all portrayed with important data for analysis.

A familiar face came into view, and Mio approached.

"Keisuke, how are the operations going?"

Lieutenant Hijikata Keisuke responded with a crisp salute, before starting the briefing.

"The naval buildup has been completed, with the cooperation of the Germanians. We should start the excerises to fully train our crews in using the ships for the doctrines you have established, Admiral."

"Good. What about the Sacred Treasures?"

"The two that were outside the hands of the false rulers are still in the Enclosure of the Gods, meaning whatever replicas the new leaders might put forth, we have sufficient legitimacy to be the true rulers should we be able to reclaim our ancesteral lands."

"All right. I need to attend the meeting, so keep the files updated for viewing upon my return."


Mio turned to go to the transporation center, where underground bunker tunnels would transport government officials safely around the Greater Franklinville area. In a few minutes the Grand Papuan Council of State shall have one of its closed meetings on the affairs of the state.

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Unknown location

Several people were gathered around a long table, headed by a hologram. What could be seen was an ashen, colorless, and pale figures of a person in military uniform puffing away at a cigarette, obscured in the middle of a veil of static noise. His face was hidden by the darkness of the bunker he was in. The low resolution of the holographic screen that projected the man was caused by the high level of encryption in the wireless communication to the point that even if one was able to tap into the waves, it would be impossible to crack. His movements were by no means replicated smoothly, as the frequencies were switching at about two second intervals. The jerkiness in the movements of the figures was reminiscent of an old claymation cartoon.

"Apparently it seems the world as a whole is in some serious !@#$."

"Yes, sir. There has been turmoil in Eurasia, with the Tianxi-"

"Shove it. In front of me, call them Jina."

"Understood. Jina and the national socialist are battling it out in Eurasia, with gains made by the Jina forces. The casus belli was strangely the expelling of Koreans, which does not make sense given the almost non-existence of that ethnic group."

"We all know that. No need to bring it up."

"Understood. Aside from Eurasia, there are things happening in Africa, with the current operations against the Yaza Hajin. In addition, we now have a change to expand our influence in the Americas, with potential allies havign established as new nations. We already have amny offers for discussions on relations."

"Very good. That leaves Europe, then?"

"We shall be brushing off out relations with France in order to facilitate a strong ally in the region. In addition, there might be new nations forming in the eastern parts in the near future, and we shall try to bring them into our sphere."

"Good. Seems like it is times for operations then. Prepare Katana , Lily, and Uranus for start-offs."

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[b]Somewhere in the Pacific[/b]

A black shadow appeared next to a figure clothed in khaki.

"Master, all the most important people have moved to the Enclosure of the Aesir."

"Very well, Hayabusa Ryu. At least the cute blondie and the Japs are safe, which should be enough for the future. The rest of the Council of State have their duties to fulfill, even at death."

As the sun set making the sea bloody red, the man smirked.

"Let [i]Götterdämmerung[/i] begin."

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[b]Somewhere in the Pacific[/b]

A black shadow appeared next to a figure clothed in khaki, again.

"Master, the Sacred Treasures had been evacuated and put into a secure location, just as you commanded. In addition, all the technology which we need have been transfered. However, there is one small problem"

"Which is?"

"Some of the Monju plutonium we had been carrying when the exodus began have been lost. Approximately 20 kilograms."

"It's not important, Hayabusa. Whoever has it can do whatever they want with it, since we have alternative sources which are much more difficult to trace. Now, go get the Zeonist to arrange a conference at their party retreat. We need to start moving the gears of war."

"Yes Master."

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[b]Undisclosed location, Grand Papua[/b]

Under the picture of Zeon Zum Deikun began the Zeon Party Congress.

Zeon Zum Deikun was a philosopher who developed Contolism, which was both about Ere-ism (that Earth is sacred, and mankind was always meant to leave it and live in space) and Side-ism (all of space should be opened to humanity regardless of origin). He was also the creator of the Newtype theory, which believed that humans, who have needed to communicate with each other throughout time, would eventually develop

Originally a French of German ethnic heritage named Gustave Deikun, Zeon first came into contact with Rational Communism, an ideology which had only one country following it at any time. The ideology itself was something he thought of as sophism, a dead idea which was used oly to justify totaltarian rule. Yet, once he heard a speech give by Fjodor Leclerc, a speech that would probably have been forgotten if it were not for the one sentence that was etched deep into his mind and soul: "We are all men. We are all heirs of Earth."

It was the beginning of the wanderings. Deikun strived constantly to live up to that one sentence, and in the process formulated the basics of Zeonism. While his words would be corrupted by the hypocritical Chinese in their bid for hegemony in East Asia, steadyfast believers stood their ground, refining the rough edges of Zeon's original thoughts, until eventually leading to the domination of Grand Papua by the Zeonist Party under the leadership of Artesia Som Deikun, the daughter of Zeon Zum Deikun, and Mineva Lao Zabi, the Princess of the Zabi family who had continued holding the touch against the odds.

The main person in this particular meeting, however, was someone besides the two.

"How do you like things to far, my fellow Zeonists?" said a man in a brown military dress uniform. "Everything you wanted as gone as it was supposed to."

Haman looked at the man with a slightly displeased face. "All the preparations have been done, and it is only a matter of when to announce it. I do not think we needed your specific help for it, however."

"Are you !@#$@#$ kidding me, girl? Who the $%&@ was it that manipulated the elections to bring you into power, and also provide the funds in order to fuel the development of all those little toys you wanted? Know your place before I make you." He looked around, his eyes hiding behind sunglasses. "Full Frontal, you got your part ready for deployment?"

A man wearing a mask turned to look. "As you have specified."

"Ah, good good. That should help with keeping that !@#$%^& D*** occupied until the operation is finished."

"Please don't speak of that traitor to the cause."

"Oh come on, I know he's a !@#$%* of those !@#$@#$ hypocritical cannibals, but still, you are his twin brother. At least don't go ignoring that."

The masked man was still for a moment, then took off his mask.

"That may be so, but I do not wish to associate myself with he who betrayed my father. Even Artesia has disowned him."

"Right right, I'll just keep that fact in min, Afranche Zarn Deikun."

Brown took a moment to light up a cigarette. The Zeonists looked at him uneasily, at this arrogant yet confident man, who was the driving power of Grand Papua along with President Somare. It was unsettling to see how youthful he was, despite them knowing his advanced age.

"I do have a question. Is it necessary to do what you are planning? I do not see the point of causing yet more violence." Afranche asked.

"You know all that !@#$%^&* about Newtypes and Oldtypes, right? While you kids might strive to be the Newtypes, I'm of Oldtype stock, and I'm !@#$@#$ damn proud of it. It's what I live for, and I'll make sure I succeed in bringing down the !@#$%^&*. I'll never move away from the love for the nation. Now, seems like everything is ready. Initiate Operation Stardust and Cemballo. We're going for the knockout but feinting from one side and striking with the other."

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