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What is the History of Cyber Nations?


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Alright, this is TerryTheCollosus here.

I have a bit of a question-challenge of ryou senior members.

I want all of you to submit your best history of CyberNations. This goes from when the game went online, to whenever after you choose. History of alliances also accepted. History of wars accepted. Dark Ages Era also accepted.
So you have three options:

Submit a History of Cyber Nations from a point you choose to another point you choose.

You can submit a History of a Certain War you may have participated in, or know a lot about

A history of a certain alliance, must be over 3 years old.

Or, those survivors of the short dark ages can submit something about it. I have heard it was short, and survivors do not like talking about it. Well, submitting information on it will rock.

I will choose twenty of the best Histories submitted, meaning a reply to this, and post them on one of my blogs. I will post the link when I'm done.

Here are the rules:

1: Must be history of alliance, history of a war, history of a period of Cyber Nations, or information of the Dark ages.
2: Must include name at the end in the form of ---(name)
3: Must have correct capitalization, grammar, and punctuation, exceptions to alliance and nation names
4: Follow all the rules
5: The contest ends on December 2nd.
6: Best ones will be chosen by me and posted on my website.
7: The method of posting is once a day, every day. A process of one history a day, ending the Posting period December 23rd.
8: If there is not correct capitalization, grammar, etc., I will do it myself, and that could be disastrous.

Thank You for entering! Contest Ends December 2nd! Posting period begins December 3rd and ends December 23rd! Best 20 will be chosen! Remember to do correct capitalization!

Supreme Collosus of the League of the Rising Powers
Holder of the Black Ring
Ruler of Collosura
Founder of the League of the Rising Powers
Founder of the International Brothership of Nations
Former Ruler of the International Brothership of Nations

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I don't need more rules. I want it nice and simple.

It doesn't matter the language, I'll just use Google Translate. I posted this for submissions, not asking to make it harder or a boring wiki link. !@#$%

On the wiki I read about a short period of Cyber Nations in which there is no information from that period, and nation owners from that time don't let us glean any information. Now I want it from the survivor's view.

I also want actual submissions.

20 best are featured on my blog!!!

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[quote name='NationRuler' timestamp='1321574500' post='2846085']
You know, we went through a pretty long period without threads like these or 1-man-AA DoW's on alliances....looks like they're back.


I think I smell a wee bit of causation 'n correlation :awesome:

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[quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1321578294' post='2846108']
One time, a new guy asked me to tell him the history of the UjW, so I spent 45+ minutes writing it up, sent it to him, he never replied and automatically deleted a week later.
That's why you should post it on here Schatt, we'll actually appreciate it (or some of us will).

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[quote name='Vladimir Stukov II' timestamp='1321585107' post='2846130']
Watch this for the history up to GW1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuRZgTypUbE

This one is so much superior


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[quote name='Kochers' timestamp='1321589997' post='2846161']
That's why you should post it on here Schatt, we'll actually appreciate it (or some of us will).
Day 1: Schatt woke up and looked down upon cyber nations.
Day 2: Schatt became a hidden GOON.
Day 3: Schatt was in the bubblegum war.
Day 4: Schatt formed Vox with his best friend Doitzel and brought down the NPO.
Day 5: Schatt formed a weird alliance that worships a former mod.
Day 6: Schatt brought down some other alliances.
Day 7: Schatt rested and wrote the history of the game.

Man, I can't wait to read this.

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