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The Tangier Agreement


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[b]A Back Room, Somewhere in Tangier[/b]

It had been a tough few years, he had never imagined himself to be a business man and yet somehow he had pulled the company through some pretty tough times. The dissolution of the League had left Said Al-Malak without a country and a job, and it had left AI Corp without a place to do business or a CEO. He didnt think it at the time, but it had turned out to be a pretty good fit. He may have had to shut down most of the businesses and change the name, but Sabah Global was a profitable business once again and would soon have a new home.

Just as Said began to pace the worn, stained carpet floor, he heard a knock at the door. The man who walked in was short, no more than five foot five and was sweating profusely, the setting Tangier sun was less the problem than his considerable girth. He pulled a handkerchief out from inside his suit jacket and mopped the sweat from his face.

"Mr. Bouziz, my friend, I was worried you were not going to make it." Said walked over to greet the pudgy Adel Bouziz, he forced a smile and beckoned him in.

"I am sorry about my tardiness, this place was more difficult to find than I had anticipated." Mr. Bouziz spoke in a raspy tone in between very audible attempts to suck air in to his overworked lungs.

"Of course, but you must understand the need for such secrecy," Said beckoned him to sit at the crooked table in the middle of the room, a few pieces of paper lay neatly arranged next to a pair of pens. "If we are to uphold our arrangement then no one besides the two of us must know of its existence. Imagine if your new subjects were to find out, Im sure they would be quite upset."

Bouziz shuffled over to the table and leaned over the papers. Apparently hard of sight he practically buried his nose in them. "This covers everything we discussed, yes?"

Said paused, even with his nose buried in it apparently Bouziz still could not actually read the text. "Indeed my friend, in return for putting our considerable financial and political support behind you and the Tangier Union, the TU agrees to grant my company exclusive telecommunication, mass transit, commercial, internet, shipping and defense procurement concessions. The TU further agrees to grant my company the rights to Ksar es-Saghir and to consult with me or my designated representative on all matters related to international relations and the economy. If you will just sign above your name, you can get to work leading your new country."

Though Said was smiling as he watched Adel Bouziz sign on the dotted line, inwardly he was fuming. The man was an imbecile and he was putting him in charge of a country, but there was no other recourse. The man was like putty and would do as he was told. Besides, it was often better to be the man behind the throne than the one on it.



Late last night representatives from the cities of Tangier, Rabat, Tetouan and Sale concluded negotiations on the establishment of a political, economic and military union for the mutual betterment of all parties. The Tangier Agreement establishes a Union between the four principal cities and their hinterlands and creates a central administration to coordinate the economic, foreign and military policies of the new Union.

The Emirs of the principal cities have agreed that Mr. Adel Bouziz, a prominent businessman and confidant of the Emir of Tangier will be the first Hakim, or leader, of the Tangier Union's central administration. Aged 59, Mr Bouziz served in a number of upper level positions in the previous government and was the unanimous choice for the position. As Hakim of the TU, Mr. Bouziz will retain extensive discretion in how Union funds are put to use as the Emir's agreed that the creation of any sort of legislature would only restrict the needed program of investment and economic overhaul that is needed to bring the state in to the 21st century. Instead of a distinct legislature, the TU government will instead have a small council of general advisors that will collectively vet and oversee the federal budget.

Mr. Bouziz is expected to give a formal press statement later today on the formation of the Tangier Union and will be happy to take any questions.

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