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Returning to the Homeland


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In the early morning hours, Michael Visari entered his historical homeland of Germany. The last time he remembered being in Germany was thirty years ago, when he was being evacuated during the invasion of the Greater Nordic Reich. Dressed in his finest military uniform, he traveled around the country, visiting the Cathedral of Cologne, The Dresden Frauenkirche, and various other sights. His tour of Germany finally ended in Berlin, where ceremonial flags were draped throughout the district. Visari was shocked by the outpouring of love he received from the crowds and later commented to Stahl [i]"I have in the course of my political struggle won much love from my people, but when I crossed the former frontier into Germany there met me such a stream of love as I have never experienced. Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators."[/i] Even before the formal recognition of love from his people, he had already decided to annex Germany into the Empire; however, this just confirmed that such a union should be done as soon as possible. As he stepped until the podium hastily erected, he was drowned in the cheers of thousands of German citizens. It took a full ten minutes for the cheers to subside, and Visari began to speak.

"My fellow Germans, if Providence once called me forth from this country to be the leader of an Empire, it must in doing so have charged me with a mission, and that mission could only be to restore my dear homeland to the greatness that it once was. I promise you this. I will never again leave Germany. I will never allow this nation to fall again. Today is a new day in German. a new Greater Germany begins today."

After giving his emotional speech, he ordered a decree providing for immediate union of Germany with the rest of Dalmatia, which would formally become known as Greater Germany. He then ordered a general plebiscite. The people of Greater Germany were asked to approve the formation of the new state. Of course, ninety-nine percent voted 'Ja'.

Today would be a new day in Germany.

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