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Recruit the Russian Federation


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Здравствуйте, or hello!

The Russian Federation is available for recruitment. We are a brand new nation.

I do have 3 years of experience with Cybernations, and I am coming back after a long leave.

I have had a large involvement with Foreign Affairs. Also, I have experience in wars, whether taking out rogues or in global conflicts.

My goal here is to not beg for a job within an alliance. I am looking to see which alliance will best fit the Russian Federation's needs. We are looking to quickly build our infrastructure through the (hopefully) immediate use of trades. Tech deals will also be crucial into the development of the Russian Federation, An alliance that can help support Russia's growth will be highly regarded.

However, the Russian Federation is looking to stay in a in a semi rogue state. It's involvement in alliance debates and policy will be limited, as our main goal is seeking for protection and trade in order to secure a solid economic growth plan.

Nationlink: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=478698

спасибо, or Thank you


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Hey Comrad! Thought I'd post an invite to join the Nuclear Proliferation League! Here's some info on us...


Love Nukes?... WE DO!!! Its really that simple!

[b]Here's some NPL Quick Facts:[/b]
:nuke: Team: Aqua (But Accepting ALL Colors)
:nuke: Size: 81 Nations and growing!
:nuke: MDoAP Allys: Fark, GO and RIA
:nuke: IRC: #NPL
:nuke: Forums: www.npl-alliance.net
:nuke: Wiki Page: www.cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear_Proliferation_League
:nuke: Leadership: High Coincil - KemMo, Morjon, King Wally

You can join today by changing your alliance affiliation in game to “Nuclear Proliferation League” and by filling out a new member application at our off site [url="http://npl-alliance.net/hp_smf/"]*FORUMS*[/url]

We currently have some government oportuneties available if your interested, active and have the right know-how. Hope to see more of you soon mate!



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[quote name='Gustavo' timestamp='1321225442' post='2844314']
King Wally, thank you for your offer.

While the graphics are flashy and flattering, I don't think that the NPL is the right fit for us at the moment. You are free to convince me otherwise.

No Worries at all mate, good luck on your search.

I guess to elaborate more on where we fit into the global puzzle we specialise in helping new and upcoming nations toward the ultimate goal of Nuclear Armament. This is our neiche really.... focus on welcoming in the new generation, giving them the guides advice support and aid programs they need to get growing and ultimately focus them on becoming strong military nations in the long term.

Feel free to drop me a line if you ever want to know more hey. :)

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Greetings Gustavo,

I know you are probably being flooded with offers from various alliances over Planet Bob, but I thought I would let you know about The German Empire.
TGE is a historic-themed black team alliance which recreates the greatness of the nations and empires of old Europe, founded on the principles of friendship, unity, blood and iron.

In addition to protection from raiders and attacks by rogue nations, we provide our members with everything the countless generic alliances offer, including assistance in setting up your nation, finding trades and arranging lucrative tech deals to quickly grow your nation into an economic and military powerhouse. We are currently running a "Emperor's Boost Program which will get you up to 3,999.99 Infrastructure by the time your finished. Its proven very successful among our membership, and will help build up your nation substantially.

Our members are both new and veteran CN players who are always ready to assist you. So if you have a strong sense of individualism and enjoy history, but above all, enjoy a good German beer, then visit our forums at www.tgecn.com


President Orff

Edited by President Orff
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