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HEY THERE! I am the leader of the new alliance ‘Legend’. I’m not going to lie- I am trying to recruit you but please take time to read this and see how we’re different from any other alliance and why you should seriously consider joining.
History: I created Legend because I wanted to do something that no other alliance offered- I wanted to change the world. I wanted to help, to protect good nations, defeat bad ones and above all I wanted to promote justice in cybernations. I was so dedicated to this cause that I named my nation ‘The Nation of Legend’ and my player name ‘Legend7’. We’ve been around for a while but I never tried recruiting because I wanted to expand my own nation so that I could support my members. Ia while ago I was attacked by an entire alliance much stronger than myself. I was absolutely crippled. They hit me with everything short of nuclear weapons- and within a day I had no money, no soldiers, no tech or land- nothing. Though I did still have good tactics and sheer determination and before any of the wars expired I had defeated them all and sent two of them into anarchy. I have never been attacked since. I am a friendly nation- I don’t want war but I will fight it if I have to and I have many very powerful allies. I completely changed my nation and greatly expanded and am now much more powerful.
Why you should join: When you join Legend you’ll have access to:
• trade agreements
• foreign aid
• military aid
• support and defence
• tech deals
• diplomacy help
• team bonuses
• the protection and security of being in an expanding alliance
• I have made treaties with other very powerful alliances so you can benefit from all of these
• I am almost always active and you can message me any time if you need help with anything
• You have full authority over your own nation- we won’t try to force anything on you.
• Everyone is given equal power as we put important things to an alliance vote
• I’ll help you to negotiate terms and deals with other nations if you think they’re being unfair
• Advice from an experienced player on things like how to invest money wisely, what resources are best, how to win wars etc.
• Friendly chat with other players
And much, much more that no other alliance offers.
Also: we’re offering positions as ministers- someone to manage a forum, someone to handle internal affairs etc so any nation that makes a strong argument as to why they should can have one of these positions.
I’m also planning something huge that will take a long time’s preparation. It will involve every nation so if you want to get in on the groundfloor you need to join Legend.
So if you’re a new player, an old player, a weak or powerful nation, if you’re in an alliance or not LEGEND welcomes you with open arms and asks to BECOME THE FUTURE!

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