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On The Day You Crossed the Line

Lord Cyvole

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[center][img] http://i416.photobucket.com/albums/pp241/FireAtWill013/Cybernations/tsigwarlow3.png?t=1296969577[/img]

On October 12th, 2008, a certain lovely lady declared the existence of an alliance by the name of ‘The Sasori Initiative’. It’s been more than three years since that date and that alliance she founded and has led since the very first day is still alive and kicking. It’s been beaten up, thrown around, forgotten about, but nevertheless the alliance stands ready as always to continue the path laid forth by our Empress. As you can see by that 30% growth over three months, we’re not doing too bad. B-) But as awesome as all that is, there is something far more important to announce this afternoon.

On November 13th, 1990, a certain lovely doctor declared the existence of a person by the name of ‘Shurukian’. It’s been exactly twenty one years since that date and the world has yet to grow dimmer since. Now, I know what you’re all thinking. Where the hell is your scorpion vodka? But before we can get to that, we have to put all that mushy sentimental stuff out there.

[quote][b]Lord Cyvole, [s]1131[/s] 273 Days on the Alliance Affiliation:[/b]
The moment you ascended that throne back in TGE, you became my Empress. Even when you were kicked out. Even when we were all sitting in an old channel wondering where to go. Even before we founded TSI. Even while I was nuking Xiphosis (:wub:), or you were nuking Karma. You are my Empress, forever and ever.
And really, do I have to say anything else? I’ve been friends with you longer than anyone else in the great beyond. Pretty sure everything else has been said. ^_^

[b]CoheedCambria, Land of the Wandering Souls:[/b]
You've always been able to put a smile on my face. When I first joined the game and entered a large alliance, you were the higher up willing to talk and just have fun with everyone else. I'm really happy to see that you're still like that after so many years. You were more than just someone on a website; you were my friend. You were always great fun to play with, and you're just a great person overall. You are, and always will be, my Empress.

[b]Kharn420, 969 Days on the Alliance Affiliation:[/b]
Shuru, for the more than 3 and a half years I have called you Empress, confidant and friend. You are sweet, cunning and fearless. You have been a continual source of strength and inspiration for all us at TSI. All of us at the alliance (especially me), are greatly blessed to have you as our leader. Happy Birthday Shurupoo :)

[b]Nano Lee, 819 Days on the Alliance Affiliation:[/b]
Happy Birthday Shuru! :v: *trollface*

[b]Koshypops, 762 Days on the Alliance Affiliation:[/b]
Happy Birthday Shuru! It's been over two years since I joined TSI. Just want to say thank you for providing the best home from home on Planet Bob.

[b]Tobirama Senju, 100 Days on the Alliance Affiliation (2nd Time Around):[/b]
Happy Birthday Shurukian! In honor of your birthday and TSI's anniversary, I made you a cake out of scorpions. In hindsight, it is not the best recipe I ever got off of 4chan.

[b]Akurol, 91 Days on the Alliance Affiliation (2nd Time Around):[/b]
Happy Birthday Shuru! Another milestone under your belt. Its finally time to break out the special reserve of scorpion vodka! Hail the Empress!

[b]Lionidus, 71 Days on the Alliance Affiliation:[/b]

[b]Trekwiz, 4 Days on the Alliance Affiliation:[/b]
"She's like the Little Engine That Could--she has to be, with that ass"

[b]Shakyr, 0 Days on the Alliance Affiliation:[/b]
Best wishes for Shuru on her birthhday, from sunny Queensland, Australia

[b]MitchellBade, New Pacific Order:[/b]
<mastabadey> RAWR
<mastabadey> it means 'i love you' in dinosaur

[b]Hawky, New Polar Order:[/b]
Shurukian is a wonderful, warmhearted and empathic person. She's a real gem and within the last 3 years she has become a true friend I will never lose sight of! Happy Birthday! - now you're legal in every aspect! :awesome:

[b]Bakamitai, New Pacific Order:[/b]
There is a young lady named Shuru
Sasori's head resident guru.
She's now twenty-one
And looking for fun,
I can't wait for the hijinks to ensue!

[b]PapaJacky, the Legion:[/b]
shuru's a pretty cool guy, eh, climbs mountains and doesnt afraid of anything

[b]RushSykes, The Last Remnants:[/b]
Feb 3, 2011. Ironic that my birthday was the day we 1st talked. Fortunately, fate led you to respond to a global IRC message to tell me happy birthday. Its seldom that a terrific friend is delivered in such a manner. Thank you, and thank Coldfront. Happy Birthday Shuru. - Rush Sykes[/quote]

On November 13th, 2011, a dashing young man declared the :wub: of the Sasori Initiative, and everyone who spends way too much time in #tsi on the one, the only, the Empress Shurukian!

And now for the scorpion pr0n.


Party at #tsi all day long, baby.

Lord Cyvole
Eichi Daijin
The Sasori Initiative[/b][/center]

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Thank you guys so much, this is so sweet. I must admit I wasn't expecting this. :) I'm really lucky to have all of you guys around. It really means a lot to me.

Also, thank you for not actually declaring war on me or any of our members, Cyvole. I know that's something you would do in a heartbeat... if you were big enough. ;)

Also, I'll be making an actual government related announcement sometime soon... whenever I get around to it.

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[quote name='Shurukian' timestamp='1321207040' post='2844150']
Cyvole. I know that's something you would do in a heartbeat... if you were big enough. ;)

Oh snap.

Also congrats to TSI

Edited by herpderp
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[quote name='James Maximus' timestamp='1321220117' post='2844260']
Couldn't wait till I got home from work eh Psyduck? :P

Congrats TSI, and Happy Bday Shuru.
This Psyduck shall be under Team Rocket's exclusive control shortly.

Well done, The Sasori Initiative, it's impressive that you are still on the go.

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