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Sword Alliance-Charter


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Our new charter is here: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/113111-sword-alliance-revamped-charter/?hl=%2Bsword+%2Balliance


Anyways, this has been transformed into a Recruitment thread.


The Sword Alliance is a fair and justified alliance. We are multi-team and we will not accept or decline members because of their team color. To us, what matters is not how many members an alliance has, but rather, how close-knit and loyal each member is. An Alliance in our eyes is a team effort and therefore requires that everyone in an Alliance gives it their all to make sure the alliance doesn't fall.


We will not attack another alliance or nation unless attacked first. If so, we will protect you and help you. We condemn the practice of Tech Raiding and consider it cruel. As a result, those who Tech Raid are NOT allowed into the Alliance.


Forums: http://swordalliancecn.freeforums.org/


IRC Channel: #SwordAlliance

Server: Coldfront

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