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The Varin Doctrine


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[size="7"][b][i][color="#0000FF"]The Varin Doctrine[/color][/i][/b][/size]

[font="Garamond"][u][size="5"][b]Informational/Preamble:[/b] [/size][/u][/font]
On this day of November 12th of the year of 2011. The Varin Doctrine is now in effect. Approved by Federation of Arctic Nation Senators, Government Officials, and Military Personnel. This doctrine is made into effect for three reasons: The Protection of the Nordic Homeland, To Ensure Security of the Heritage of Nordic Peoples, and The Establishment of Sovereignty to Nordic Nations. This Document is in no direct response to any current or past military conflict. This Document has been written by the Federation of Arctic Nation's Government and Foreign Affairs Department. This Doctrine is made for the good of Nordic Lands and not to provoke any un-wanted foreign Dilemas. The Federation of Arctic Nations seeks to ensure peace, prosperity, and unity within the Nordic Lands with this Doctrine.

[font="Garamond"][u][size="5"][b]Article 1/The Bear Will Watch:[/b] [/size][/u][/font]
The Nordic Lands are rich in history. The many nations who have settled on these lands have been vibrant in writing the history of the Nordic People. The Polar Bear is believed in Svalbard to be watching over the people. Today the polar bear extends his boundaries to look over the Nordic Land, and today that Polar bear is The Arctic Armed Forces. Any foreign invader with intent to harm the Sovereignty, Well-Being, or Establishment of a Nordic Nation will be declared war upon by the Federation of Arctic Regions. This Article does not include two Nordic Nations with conflict amongst each other.
[b]Article 2/The Blood Does Not Flow:[/b][/u][/size][/font]
Any Nordic Nation taking action against another Nordic Nation will need cold hard facts to back up their casus belli. Nordic blood should not be taken by Nordic Brothers. Any Nordic Nation in intent to harm another will be fighting two armies of Nordlanders. If the case is proven to be cold, hard facts or if the Nation has caused harm to the other Nordic Nation, they may find themselves with no support from The Federation of Arctic Regions.

[font="Garamond"][size="5"][u][b]Article 3/Free Trade:[/b][/u][/size][/font]
The Federation of Arctic Regions established a 10% tariff tax on all foreign goods, Any nation in the Nordland Vicinity is exempted from the said Tariffs. This article is to embrace free trade and commitment to a more unified Nordic Land.
[b]Article 4/Assistance:[/b][/size][/font][/u]
Any nation looking to assist in enacting this doctrine may do so by signing below. There is no approval of membership or denial. Nations may sign this doctrine as they please. Nations may stop enforcing this doctrine as they please

Signatures of the Federation of Arctic Regions,

[b]President:[/b] Espen Vinter

[b]Leadership of Military Cabinet:[/b] August Oliversen
[b]Leadership of Political Cabinet:[/b] Simon Nielsen
[b]Leadership of Economic Cabinent:[/b] Gunnar Erickson
[b]Leadership of External Communications:[/b] Mona Jacobson
[b]Leadership of Tribal Communication:[/b] Hanna Baardsson

[u][b]The Senate of 2011[/b][/u]
Nanna Jacobson (Federationalist Party)
Hildegard Victorsson (Republican Movement Party)
Gudbrand Gulbrandsen (Tribalism Party)
Hallvard Baardsson (Federationalist Party)
Gudmund Walterson (Tribal Unity Party)[/i]

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"While Sweden can see the genuine good intention of this doctrine, we raise the objection that we feel that the Federation of Arctic Regions is overstepping its bounds in issuing this proclamation, giving it free hand to engage in intervening in any conflict at its' own will. We also feel that the assistance clause of this doctrine is vague and broad, allowing for nations outside this region to interfere in Scandinavia and Nordic lands at will by signing it.

We withhold Sweden's signature from this doctrine, we see the good intentions behind this doctrine, especially by establishing a free trade zone, but we feel that the other articles are too vague and sweeping to allow for a positive environment to be settled by enacting it by our own government."

[i]Christian Nyquist
Minister of International Affairs and Trade[/i]

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[quote name='King Timmy' timestamp='1321740478' post='2847098']
Due to the added tax we shall make sure our nations companies remove all trade from any nation that signs this 'doctrine'.

"Nations such as these wanting to cause drama and international relations are already considered 'free-of-trade by FAR' in which we will not trade with them anywho."

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