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[i]OOC: This is an alternative RP, closed unless invited or wanting to join PM me. This will be about zombies, eventually.[/i]

Lowell Mallone and his wife of 23 years lived in elegant house in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood within Drogheda, California. They won an fully paid trip to the island of Tasmania through 104.3 KRXP contest several months ago. Today, they were going to the airport for that vacation. Although their anniversary wasn't for a few more months, they didn't care to celebrate it early.

"Honey, the sedan is here! Are the bags ready?" exclaimed Mr. Mallone, as he climb the stairs to help his wife.

"Ready sweetie." replied Mrs. Mallone as her husband entered the room. They briefly exchanged a kiss before picking up the bags.

Mr. Mallone picked up the bags to get to the waiting sedan. He joked, "Mary, after all these years, you still don't pack light."

"I don't know what Tasmania is like, it could be like here for all we know." as Mary lightly ribbed her husband.

"Why it's summer down there, just need your sunblock and that swimsuit I gave you." Lowell chuckled.

They arrived at the car and the chauffeur opened the trunk. "Bags?" stated the chauffeur.

"Yes, thank you." said Lowell. The couple minutes spent on the bags into the car was done by the heavy-set chauffeur and the Mallones got into the car. The Cadillac CTS sedan slowly accelerated to speed in the Droghedaian streets towards Van Ness Avenue/California 101. The car sped through western edge of Downtown Drogheda to Interstate 80. The experienced chauffeur weaved through the midday traffic towards Drogheda International Airport. The Mallones chatted about their trip and what they expected to do there. Shortly thereafter, the CTS slowed to the arrival zone for Oceanic Airlines. Lowell gave the chauffeur a decent tip for his excellent driving skills before going inside to the ticket booth. Luckily, the tickets were prearranged and go to go to the "express" check-in. They left their bigger bags to be checked in at the booth before strolling away toward the security checkpoints.

The traffic at Droghedia International is always fairly busy, and today was no exception. "Here we go again Mary, airport security..." mused Lowell.

"We're pros at this now Lowell, just taking off the shoes and having remembered to ziploc the bath items will get us through." replied Mrs. Mallone.

She was right of course thought Lowell, they took many flights in the past couple years since he retired from his law firm in Downtown Droghedia that supported many of the technology companies in the Silicon Valley with their legal issues. They took off the their shoes and placed their items and keys on the x-ray belt and stepped through the detectors without incident. The Aviation Security Administration officer just grunted in approval as they passed through. After getting everything back together, they traveled to the desk in front of them for passport control. "Passports please." said large lady at the counter.

The Mallones produced their passports to the lady. "Destination and purpose of trip?" the lady questioned.

"Australia and pleasure, madam." Mr. Mallone replied.

The lady nodded and stamped both of their passports, "Sure, have a good time Mister." the lady said as they concluded their time at the desk.

Pass the desk laid the international concourse G. They had another hour to spare as they traveled onward to terminal 9 to Oceanic Flight 573. The waiting area had nice seating as the airport remodeled the concourse a couple years ago. Around them was a 42" LCD tv broadcasting local news to those interested and another screen above the jet bridge displaying information about the flight. The concourse was fairly expansive and many people were crossing through the area. They could see the Boeing 747 outside being prepared for the long flight to Australia. They arrived to this scene with a line of people already waiting to board the plane. They eventually got through and got their seats towards the front of the plane in business class. "Well Mary, we're on." said Lowell as he started to relax finally in his seat.

"Of course dear, the plane beats going through all the airport security trouble any day Lowell." replied Mary. They briefly exchanged a kiss as the pliot announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for choosing Oceanic Airlines flight number 573. We will be departing Droghedia International here shortly. In the meantime, please finalize loading of your baggage in the overhead bins and be seated. In a few minutes, we'll be taxing out and the stewards will be showing our flight safety demonstrations. Thank you."

On the ground below, the crew finalized the last checks for the 747 and the cart car guided the plane out of the slot onto the taxi to runway 28R. On board, a video started on front of the seat TVs about buckling up and emergency exits. The Oceanic Airlines stewards added to the video to reinforce what was seen and heard. Once the video concluded the intercom chimed in.

"This is the captain speaking. My name is Robby McFallon and I'm your pilot today along with Amy Uilso as co-pilot. Welcome aboard Oceanic Airlines flight 573, flight to Sydney, Australia with a stop in Honolulu. This will be about a 30 hour flight. Meals will be provide by our wonderful staff here, along with an assortment of snacks and beverages. In front of you are personal TVs and we do have satellite internet for all passengers for some duration of the trip. Please stay seated in your seats until the lights above you turn off and it will be safe to move about. This also a non-smoking plane. Once again thank you for flying Oceanic Airline, we'll be taking off shortly."

The 747 turned on runway 28R and accelerated towards the Droghedia Bay. The plane shook as it took off finally, coursing upwards to 10,000 feet in an eastward direction. Just east of Oakland, it started circling back just north of Droghedia towards Honoulu, then to Sydney to connect to another flight to Tasmania.

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