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From Humble Beginnings...

Horo the Wise Wolf

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The group marched from the plains of Pasloe, and found themselves in a large area - Interestingly large.

The group followed a single Maiden, Horo, to the centre of the area. She had taken them through countless endeavors, and the group had long since been whittled down to the measly figure of just twenty. Whilst nothing spectacularly sad had happened, the Heavens appeared to have fully opened, dropping an unimaginable amount of rain upon the group. Their skin had long since been drowned through their clothes, but they still stood to attention as Horo pondered from her location at the crest of a hill.

[i]"Thus, Yoitsu came into being...[/i]" whispered Horo. It was barely audible, but loud enough for the entire party to hear. Normally, such events would be accompanied by raucous laughter and celebration, but this was not the time. From Humble Beginnings to a point even they were unsure about, Yoitsu was founded...

Construction soon began, and they soon had created what an onlooker would imagine was a tiny village, instead of a Sovereign Nation. But that was of no consequence; due to the low population, the community was tight knit, and all were willing to play their part. This could give them an advantage in the short run in that they could export goods with relative ease.

Thus, they began their economic "invasion". Soon, people were working in factories (Don't ask how this stuff got there) with grants from foreign countries. Those of Yoitsu were tasked to creation meagre electronics for nearby nations. Whilst the other nations could easily produce said electronics in their own country to a greater quality and ease of access, Yoitsu was tasked with doing it due to the incredible difference in cost. Because Yoitsu was not fully formed, it had not yet incorporated schemes such as minimum wage, making manufacturing a cheap and easy job...

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