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A Deinos Announcement Extravaganza

New Frontier

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[size="7"][font="Impact"]A Flock of Deinos Announcements[/font][/size]

It's a great day for America, cats and kittens!

We in Deinos have come a long way as an alliance since our creation on the 15th of March in the first year of King Cheyenne's reign. We've gained and lost allies, seen members rise prominence in our elections through hard work and perseverance, and grown by leaps and bounds. Today, I am more than proud to announce, in front of all of you assembled, that the grand alliance of Deinos has achieved two milestones of late! Indeed, several days ago we managed to achieve
both [b]100 members[/b] and [b]2 000 000 nation strength[/b]. Wooooooooooo??

In addition to these fantastic milestones, I would like to make it known that the Alliance Affiliation [b]"UNSC"[/b] is hereby under the protection of Deinos for a period of four weeks, during which we will discuss the possibility of a formal protectorate agreement. I would thank all of you to take care not to attack them.

Thank you for your time, you may now go about your business as usual, for I cannot imagine anything else important occurring in this topic.

Cheyenne, Tyrant King in the North [/center]

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[center][size=7][b][font=comic sans ms][color=blue][url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman%27s_Treaty][img]http://deinos.partytowne.ca/Smileys/default/batman.gif[/img]*~Batman's Treaty~*[img]http://deinos.partytowne.ca/Smileys/default/batman.gif[/img][/url][/color][/font][/b][/size]


[font=comic sans ms][size=4]I. Sovereignty
Umbrella and Deinos are both pretty okay in their own special ways! Both parties agree to respect that.

II. Non-Aggression
Umbrella and Deinos agree to never harm one another, or to assist someone else in harming the other.

IV. Cooperation and Defence
Both Deinos and Umbrella agree to have each other's backs should either party be attacked by a foreign power. Should that attack come as the result of either party's outside treaties, such assistance is optional. Both parties also have the option to assist the other in an aggressive war. In addition to military assistance, both Deinos and Umbrella agree to provide all possible political, financial and informational assistance the other may require.

V. Cancellation
Either Deinos or Umbrella can cancel this treaty at any time by giving 72 hours notice, after which the treaty is null and void

[i]~Signed for Umbrella~[/i]
[b]Johnny Apocalypse:[/b] President
[b]Raken:[/b] Vice-President
[b]Natan, Puppets:[/b] Field Marshall
[b]Lusitan, Daikos, NFL Generic:[/b] Envoy
[b]NationRuler:[/b] Economist
[b]The Chief:[/b] Wiseman
[b]Domisi:[/b] Generator
[i]~Signed for Deinos~[/i]
[b]Cheyenne:[/b] Tyrant King
[b]Silver Empress:[/b] Dromiceiomimus Princess
[b]Magister Agricolarum:[/b] Raptor Lord of Finance
[b]Merry Rarebit:[/b] Raptor Lord of Development
[b]Gloin:[/b] Raptor Lord of the Interior
[b]Amelsh:[/b] Raptor Lord of War
[b]WaltThizzney, aka Melancholy Culkin, aka FyfeXIV:[/b] Raptor Lord of Diplomacy

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