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Dude wheres my instant messaging?

Dude Bread

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They pretty much all use IRC mate... that said at the NPL you dont have to use it we have a great forum with integrated chat features that you can use to get you through day to day. With that I'd like to invite you to join the NPL!!! Please stand back grab some popcorn and watch our short recruitment show... :awesome:


Love Nukes?... WE DO!!! Its really that simple!

[b]Here's some NPL Quick Facts:[/b]
:nuke: Team: Aqua (But Accepting ALL Colors)
:nuke: Size: 79 Nations and growing!
:nuke: MDoAP Allys: Fark, GO and RIA
:nuke: IRC: #NPL
:nuke: Forums: www.npl-alliance.net
:nuke: Wiki Page: www.cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear_Proliferation_League
:nuke: Leadership: High Coincil - KemMo, Morjon, King Wally

You can join today by changing your alliance affiliation in game to “Nuclear Proliferation League” and by filling out a new member application at our off site [url="http://npl-alliance.net/hp_smf/"]*FORUMS*[/url]

We currently have some government oportuneties available if your interested, active and have the right know-how. Hope to see more of you soon mate!



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Join R&R, you will no regret it.

We have a 15 million aid plan for Academy students, and we will find you a suitable trade circle and tech trades... while teaching what these things are xD

[url="http://www.rnr-alliance.org/index.php?act=idx"][size="4"]JOIN R&R NOW![/size][/url]

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