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The Sakhalin Conference

Imperator Azenquor

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[b]***Okha, Sakhalin Autonomous Community, Vaule***[/b]

The G.P.S.R. and the Vaulian Diplomatic Corps stepped up security across the territory ahead of the summit in Okha. Security was sharply increased around the regional airport and the nearby Sakhalin Conference Center. Once security preparations were complete, the Diplomatic Corps (via the Vaulian Embassy to Cyrantia) forwarded an official message to the Cyrantian government advising them of the location of the summit.

Minutes later a government helicopter touched down next to the conference center. General Liu and Prime Minister Svatek emerged and were quickly escorted into the building, where they waited patiently for the Cyrantian representatives.

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With the location of the summit received, the Grand Chancellor of the State and his High Chancellor of Foreign Affairs set out. They traveled by aircraft from the main airport in the capital city of Xavier. Their plane was not military and they were accompanied only by flight staff. The flight to Okha was a short one, and after touching down in the airport, they alone deboarded the plane. A car had been arranged to wait for them, and the two men entered.

Their ride was also not a long one, as they soon arrived at the conference building. An aide came out to meet them and he escorted them to the conference room. The Grand Chancellor shook hands with the men and introduced himself and his companion to them. They took a seat, waiting for the meeting to commence.

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After the customary greetings were exchanged, Prime Minister Svatek wasted no time in getting to the point:

[i]"Gentlemen, we all know the main purpose for this conference, so let us not beat around the bush. Upon the declaration of independence of Magadan Oblast, as with all other countries that emerged from the former B-FOR protectorate, it was agreed that the Serene Republic of Vaule should be responsible for the territory in the event that the government was either dissolved or no longer able to administer the territory.

Due to our own internal situation, no formal announcement regarding this was made at the point when the Magadan government dissolved, however our peacekeepers were already on the ground due to a prior agreement between the Serene Republic, Magadan Oblast and the USRS. We believe that our peacekeepers are more than capable of effectively maintaining order in the territory until the point in time when a local government can be elected to represent its people.

Accordingly, the Serene Republic apologizes for any inconvenience which may have been caused by the delay in an official government announcement from our side. We also request that the government of Cyrantia withdraw its declaration of annexation of the territory of Magadan Oblast and take steps to withdraw its military personnel from the territory."[/i]-PM. Svatek

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Sergei looked down and took a sip of water. He had hoped this meeting would be a pushover, but the stalwart and to-the-point attitude of the Prime Minister seemed to express that it would be a task to keep the Oblast. He liked a challenge, but in a matter such as territory, he found it undesirable. Still, he felt that his words and arguments would be enough to win over the Vaulians. If not, there was no shame in admitting defeat and withdrawing his troops.

[i]"I appreciate your openness concerning the topic at hand. It certainly can be an issue to hear more diplomatic filler than negotiation. As such, I will return your courtesy and not waste your time with political babbling. The Chancellery of Cyrantia believes it is the proper ruler of the former Magadan Oblast. We are aware of the on-paper situation of the matter, where the territory belongs to you should the country collapse. However, something so simple in a document is rarely that simple when one considers its real effect."[/i]

Sergei took a breath and another drink of his water. His throat, as always, dried when talking to the foreign dignitaries. He did think he was doing what he had hoped fairly well.

[i]"The people of the Oblast view the Serene Republic as their oppressors. I mean no offense to your nation in any way, but after the unfortunate military incidents and the ensuing protective diplomatic measures, they feel as if Vaule has them in a vice-grip. Their independence was their only saving grace in the situation, and now it has been lost. The people are restless to escape your nation's rule, and as their former nation's closest and oldest ally, they wish to see us lead them. We are a stable nation and have never caused any issues or required aid, and we are not imperialist, unfair or tyrannical. We are not trying to make a land-grab, we are simply asking to be allowed to rule the region because we care about its citizens and their wishes."[/i]

Sergei felt that his arguments were going very well, but knew that to be effective, a hook might be needed. He hated to strike deals but it seemed to be the only way to cap off the request.

[i]"Of course, if you let the region be ruled by Cyrantia, you would not be harmed. Your nation is vast and powerful and the loss of such a place would not detract from your greatness. The peacekeepers stationed along with our troops in the former Oblast would be freed to help deal with your internal situation. Of course, if it was part of Cyrantia, it would be governed by our independence terms. As you know, that would mean that if we collapsed, the former Cyrantia, including the former Oblast, would revert to your control. If all this is not enough for you, then the Chancellery will pay you for control over the region. We consider its citizens our brethren and they feel the same of us. We will take any measures to convince you to cede it."[/i]

[b]OOC: Sorry this took so long to make. I've been busy with RL issues for ages and in my little free time I haven't been satisfied with previously written responses to the thread I've made. I'm on Winter Break from school now and I have all sorts of time, so I'm free to begin RPing again.[/b]

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[i]“Perhaps I should state frankly that the fact that the Chancellery of Cyrantia considers itself the ‘proper’ ruler of the former Magadan Oblast is absolutely irrelevant. What matters in our view are the realities of the situation on the ground in the territory.

As for the rather fascinating claim that our forces are viewed as ‘oppressors’ by the Magadan people, I will simply state that our forces were deployed with the mutual agreement of the USRS and the Oblast’s government as a compromise to prevent a more serious situation from developing. During that period, our forces undertook no actions which undermined the institutions of governance in the Oblast. Also I believe that it is important to state that even prior to the creation of the Magadan Oblast, our government at no time took any steps towards annexing the territory in question. It has always been, and continues to be our primary objective to see that the territory in question remains governed locally until the time that a capable local administration arises which can restore statehood and sovereignty.

In this particular situation, I must admit, the actions of the Chancellery of Cyrantia were most surprising. While we understand that our government did not immediately issue a statement declaring a protectorate over the former oblast upon the collapse of the government there, the fact remains that we were suddenly informed that not only had your forces advanced into the territory of the former oblast, but you had also declared this territory annexed to the Chancellery of Cyrantia. For one who is motivated to ensure the safety and security of the people in the oblast, it appears that no consultative process was undertaken regarding annexation to the Chancellery and no proper investigation into the status of the province was undertaken by your government prior to the entry of your forces.

As you are by now aware, the government of the Serene Republic of Vaule has at least 18,000 military peacekeepers that remain deployed in the oblast with a mandate to preserve stability and, in the event of the collapse of the Magadan government, to establish an appropriate framework for the creation of a new government there. We ask how it would be possible for the Chancellery of Cyrantia to guarantee the rights of the people of Magadan Oblast, including their right to self-governance when their sovereign territory has been annexed without consultation of the affected people.

The government of the Serene Republic is not concerned about how our international stature would be affected by not having the oblast return to its status as a protectorate. We are instead concerned about the people living in the oblast, the manner in which the territory was annexed to your nation, and our concern that this situation may set a dangerous precedent. Quite frankly, under normal circumstances, my government would have simply issued an ultimatum demanding the withdrawal of your forces from the territory of the former Magadan Oblast.

To put it bluntly, while we are willing to compromise on certain specifics, such as if the oblast would become a joint protectorate, or a B-FOR protectorate, we are less likely to agree to the territory remaining as a part of the Chancellery unless certain stringent criteria are met."[/i]-PM Svatek

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Aleksandrov leaned over to Garin momentarily and they nodded heads mutually. The Vaulians were exactly correct in their arguments, and had not overlooked any details they had hoped might be ignored in the discussions. They quietly discussed for a minute or two and then decided. Though the keeping of the Oblast was looking less and less likely, the Grand Chancellor was not quite yet prepared to give up. He chuckled a little bit and began to speak.

"[i]Well, gentlemen, it seems we all agree on one thing here. The Magadan Oblast was rightly yours, and it was our mistake to act in such a rash and unprofessional manner. We do hope you are aware that our forces did not bring harm to any Oblast citizens or property. They simply acted as your Peacekeepers might. We did not attempt to invade the nation, only occupy, for safety reasons, of course overlooking your stationed troops. Stupid and unobservant actions are a rarity in Cyrantian government, I assure you. Out of personal curiosity, what stringent criteria might have to be met?[/i]

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[i]"The conditions would be primarily aimed at ensuring the security and the rights of the individuals residing in the territory of the former Magadan Oblast while permitting the oblast to remain as a territory of Cyrantia. These conditions are as follows:

-Guaranteed constitutional autonomy for the Magadan Oblast territory within the Chancellery of Cyrantia
-A demilitarization agreement whereby Cyrantian military personnel and equipment shall be prohibited from deploying to the territory of the former Oblast. (Civilian Police, Border Patrol and Customs Officials shall be exempt)
-Guarantees that the Chancellery of Cyrantia shall not undertake any action which would significantly affect the demographics of the former oblast
-The Serene Republic of Vaule shall maintain it's Peacekeeping contingent (M-FOR) whose numbers shall be capped at 18,000 total personnel.
-A resource-sharing agreement whereby the Chancellery of Cyrantia shall pledge that the majority of the profits obtained from any material resources extracted from the territory of the former Magadan Oblast shall go to the people of the Oblast via their autonomous government

We feel that these terms would be sufficient to defend the interests of the citizens of the oblast while assuring that they can not be exploited in the process."[/i]-Reporter

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[i]Ah, I see. Very reasonable points for the creation of an autonomous region. As much as well feel we would like to keep the former Oblast, in the interest of the people, I highly doubt we could offer to guarantee the kind of things you are asking. It would not be favorable to see your Peacekeepers in a region of our nation, and constitutional autonomy would be difficult to introduce for the region, as it conflicts with our nation's own system. A fair and interesting proposal, but not one we can accept. Thank you for this conference, gentlemen, it's been entertaining. We'll post our ceding of the former Oblast to you shortly upon our return.[/i]

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