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The Islz Cruz Space Program

Kevin Kingswell

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The giant Series One rocket took off with a fury of a thousand suns, it's rockets firing at full power to lift the machine high into the sky. On the ground both onlookers and staff had their eyes glued to the spectacle watching and paraying that nothing went wrong. As the rocket began to climb the staff in the operations centre kept a close eye on all the monitors recording readings and looking for anything that might be a problem, the rocket might be unmanned but it was still a very expensive piece of equipment.

In only a few minutes the Series One reached the very edge of the Earth's atmosphere and broke through entering the void. Cheers rang out across the whole of the nation as Islz Cruz celebrated their entry into the space age.

The government made a public speech naming the ninth of november a national holiday. Calling the holiday Technology day it was to become a day when any and all inventors whether they were from a business or just a hobbyist would be able to showcase their creations in government funded technology show rooms.

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[quote name='iKrolm' timestamp='1320875478' post='2842352']
Selenarctos sends our congratulations to the Islz Cruz for a successful space launch.

Thank you, we have looked forward to this day for some time now as space is where we believe the future of the human race resides.

Many citizens as well as a fair few government officials wondered how the space agency would deal with the Series One after it had reached orbit. After all that was its only mission and once it had achieved orbit it would become nothing more than a very large and dangerous piece of junk. However, it would be dealt with though not in a way anyone but a few would have guessed.

[b]Inside the Islz Cruz Space Agency[/b]

"Series One has achieved geostationary orbit around the planet. All test results have been taken and stored in the database and we are now primed for removal".

"Very good. Gentlemen activate it".

One moment the Series One would be hovering in space and the next the vessel was destroyed as the nuclear warhead onboard was detonated. There was no harm to any other nation's equipment as the Series One had been positioned far away from any other space equipment or device. Still those nations with satellites would easily detect the nuclear explosion.

Public Message to the world[/b]

On this day the Islz Cruz has safely detonated a nuclear device and joined those nations in the nuclear age.

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The space program had quickly advanced to the next stage, in thanks due to a huge budget increase from the government, and a new rocket, named the Series 2, stood on the launch platform and this rocket was three times as large as the Series 1 and had cost much much more. However, this was a neccessary step as the rocket itself carried two cuboid structures that would form the very first Islz Cruz space station.

The rocket was given its clearance for take off and the crowds and mission control were happy to see the rocket take off without any problems and it encountered no more as it broke through the atmosphere and out into space. Moving into the highest geo stationary orbit possible the Series 2 crew brought the rocket to a much slower velocity with the use of a number of small thruster nozzels before donning their space suits and leaving through the hatches to begin work on the space station itself.

The station would defiantly be called minisule compared to any other space stations in orbit as it was just two cuboid's attached together by a flexible tube that connected the two cuboid's together. In the first section the sleeping and recreation quarters for the station crew would with self sealing cots for the onboard crew to sleep in. These cots contained a memory retaining foam so that once a crewman had slept in one that foam would remain at that shape ensuring the crewman inside did not drift around whilst asleep. The cots also contained an independant air supply which could last for twelve hours which should provide enough time for any rescue team to be dispatched from Islz Cruz in case of an emergency.

The section also contained numerous pieces of work out equipment to ensure that crewmen onboard the station would not suffer from too much muscle degeneration whilst stationed onboard. Of course some degeneration would occur but that was unavoidable.

Food and such other provsions would be brought up to the station from Islz Cruz on a routine basis however, if resupply is delayed or impossible the station contains enough food and provision supply for three months of living time.

The second section of the station contained equipment for communications, observation and research. Numerous computer terminals lined the section's walls and these could patch into Islz Cruz satelliates at will as well as linking the satelliates with the computers which would allow faster communication of information from them to Islz Cruz space command on the planet's surface.

A small research lab had also been created to allow scientists to experiment in zero gravity though at the current moment in time it only contained very basic equipment and would need to be updated at a later point in time.

In all this was a great step forwards in space exploration for the nation of Islz Cruz.

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