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Unable to access Senator functions


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When the last election cycle started a week or so ago, I lost the team sanction and team message options. I had only been a senator the two weeks prior, so I wasn't sure if that was normal or not. At any rate, the election has stabilized out and I have been consistently in the top 3 on the pink team for the last few days. It has been a close race, but I never fell lower than third. I was tied with the 4th place nation a couple times, but always won out on a greater NS. However, the options to send new team messages and to create/edit team sanctions are not present.


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[quote name='Blue' timestamp='1320869847' post='2842312']
And they were there during those 2 weeks? How many votes did you have then?

Yes, the previous election cycle I was in the top three and had access to all of it. They didn't disappear until the current cycle started around Oct. 28th.

[quote name='admin' timestamp='1320883564' post='2842411']
You're currently in 4th place in votes on the Pink team.

Every time I have checked in the last 2 weeks, I have been 3rd place or above, yet at no time have I had any access to the senatorial functions.

I'm am in 3rd now, and just took these shots:
Election results: [attachment=50:Election.png]

Yet I'm unable to see any of the message management tools: [attachment=51:messages.png]

nor the sanction management tools: [attachment=52:sanctions.png]


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