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A FOK!cupy Declaration of Electionary Results

Ome Harry

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Ladies and Gentlepeople of Bob,

Arab Spring has finally arrived at FOK.
The membership, at least some of them, has spoken and the old government is no more!
We ofcourse would still like to thank our corrupt and evil politicians for the time they spent torturing and harrassing us for their own good. Let's hope they left notes so we can continue their ways.

Without further ado I present to you, this totally new, never seen before bunch of people that ruin everything!

[center]The new FOK Council of [s]Three[/s] [s]Five[/s] More

[b]President [/b]
Uncle Harry
[b]Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wiretaps and Denial[/b]
Minister Tromp
State Secretary Mr.Gorba
[b]Ministry of Internal Affairs, Indoctrination and Screaming[/b]
Minister Kaduuk
State Secretary X-ion
[b]Ministry of MoneyLaundring, Creditcrunching and Bankruptcy.[/b]
Minister Wietze
[b]Ministry of Preparations, WMD's and more Loud Screaming[/b]
Minister Outlander
State Secretary Tankbuster[b]
Ministry of Troll, Agitation and Fatwahs[/b]
Minister Duke[/center]

May Admin have mercy on our soles

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I find your lack of Cheeky to be...well... interesting. :v:

Congrats to our former allies in FOK. :wub:

Harry, Kad, you guys have to stop by the [OOC] Forums [/OOC] some time. :)

Edited by Ayatollah Bromeini
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