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The End of An Era

Markus Wilding

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Director Frontino Sopoluchukwu had grown old. Even though he was barely in his thirties, the effect of running a nation, leaving then returning to rebel against his friend had taken its toll. The alcohol and cigar-a-day didn't help much either. In his office in the Sarnunga People's Parliament, Frontino had himself in front if his piano, playing [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mitWYoOpTg"]Moonlight Sonata[/url], as usual. The walls were lined with photos of the Commonwealth's past, photos taken by international press of the civil war, operational photos of Operations Scalpel and Just Cause, and lastly a picture of his father, weeks after his crowning.

As his fingers played the final notes, Frontino looked at the wall again. His eyes paused at a picture of himself and Thomas Garnier, planning with Minister Ryan Perry for Operation Scalpel. He got up and looked over the picture...how ambitious they had been, believing the PRA wouldn't bother itself with Ghana. But that was long gone, Garnier's military genius dead with him. An Overwatch Officer appeared at the door. "Director?" Frontino turned to look at him. "It is time. Are you certain you want to do this?" Frontino only nodded.


There are countless legends told throughout history. Tales of epic heroes saving the Commonwealth from certain doom.
In this hour though, we have no legend. We have only ourselves.
We have the freedom we cling to, the honor we uphold, the loved ones we cherish so much.

The Commonwealth's darkest hours have come.
And we will not be remembered as simple tribesmen any longer. We will be remembered as a legend that will echo through all time.

And in the end, when hope has failed and doom draws near, perhaps it will not have been in vain and those we thought lost will make their return.
This, unfortunately, is that time.
With great pain, I must announce this.
The Commonwealth will be no more.
My health has taken a turn for the worse, and I fear I may never recover.
I bid you all farewell, and goodbye forever.
Vive la Commonwealth![/center]

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