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Peace out. (1411 days later)

Micheal Malone

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So.... after 1411 days... I think it's time to bounce.

I just wanted to give some shout outs.

To all my old school friends from the ISSF & Orion days... keep it real. Someone please punch Matt Shovel in the mouth for me. I'm sure he deserves it for something. I miss all of you all, no seriously. FOK and all my friends from the days gone past.... You all had a special place in my "killing time" phase.

To iFOK, y'all were some special peeps. MikeTheFirst, Arexes... if it wasn't for you two, I wouldn't have been here as many days as I have been.

To Non Grata. Screw you. Peace, love, and chicken biscuits. I'ma rogue out on some random schmuck, yall can steal my tech etc. I'm not collecting any more after tonight.

Cybernations: The only thing that has ever stood in your own way was the neck beards. Seriously, learn to shave.

Love you all, but I'm out.


ISSF -> Orion -> iFOK -> Non Grata -> RL.

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