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North New Zealand Elections - Part 1



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[color="#696969"]OOC: In the poll of course you RP as a resident of North New Zealand. I will factor the results from the poll in deciding these issues, but however I will add a dose of reality - in that I will also factor how Kiwis will really probably vote.[/color]

As was [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=106360"]promised earlier[/url], North New Zealand holds the first part of its elections today: Two referendums, one to decide the name of the new nation, and another to decide on whether to established a codified written constitution including an extensive charter of rights & liberties.

More information:

[b][u]Naming referendum[/u][/b]
There are two choices:
>[i]Aotearoa[/i] - this is name in the Maori language used to refer to the whole of New Zealand in modern times, but traditionally only the North Island.
>[i]New Ulster[/i] - name used in British colonial times to refer to a colonial province occupying the North Island of New Zealand

[b][u]Constitution referendum[/u][/b]
Answer may be a simple [i]Yes[/i] or [i]No[/i].
A Yes vote will result in the establishment of a written constitution for the new country including a comprehensive bill of rights & liberties.
Regardless of the establishment of the constitution, the new nation will be established as parliamentary democracy - so the main significance of the constitution referendum is whether or not the constitution includes a bill of rights.
[font="Garamond"]Sample of what's included in the Charter of Rights:[/font]
>[font="Courier New"]"No citizen shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, etc."
>"All citizens are guaranteed the Equal Protection of the law and may not be deprived of any liberty or property without Due Process of law."
>"Everyone has the Right to Life."

According to polls by the media, Kiwis are more likely to pick Aotearoa as the name of the new nation 60% to 35% (5% undecided), and are highly supportive of a proposed bill of rights, favouring one by 70% to 25% (5% undecided).

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