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The New Government of the Templar Knights

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[font="Century Gothic"][size="4"]To all alliances and nations of the world, I, as Minister of Foreign Affairs for The Templar Knights, announce the results of the latest Grand Master election, Elder Council election, and Minister appointments.

[color="#FF0000"]Grand Master[/color]


[color="#000080"]Marshal of Internal Affairs[/color]

[color="#000080"]Marshal of Foreign Affairs[/color]
Marshal of Defense[/color]

[color="#008000"]Elder Councilors[/color]
Mandystalin, Tiger c, Cowell, Prodigy.NL[/center]

The Templar Knights will continue to honor its treaties and agreements made under the previous government - we stand with them as we always have.

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Congradulations to our friends at TTK ! (personally, I've always been somewhat partial towards the Templars B-) ).

It is odd to not see Wiccan, but all our best to Grand Master Hawkeye !


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