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Its a Kitten State of Nirvana!

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[size="7"][center]A Kitten Defence Force Announcement[/center][/size]


So as you know, its Friday and you know what that means! The Kittens decided to hit the clubs to rock their monocles off. Well the night started off slow but the music soon overtook the little Kitten's bodies and slowly they were transformed into Rave Cats. While raving the night away they met a group another group of crazy cats who were offering some conspicuous looking drinks. In the spirit of the party, they smashed down the drinks and started to get to know these cool cats from the other side of town. One thing led to another and through a series of blackouts these 4 new cats ended up back at the Kitten Knights house. They asked to crash there for a while to see how things turned out since they needed some new friends and who are the Knights to turn down some new friends?

The Kitten Defence Force is proud to announce our new brothers-in-arm, the State of Nirvana!

[size="5"][b]Kitty Knights:[/b][/size]

Signed for

[b]State of Nirvana - Cheshire Cat[/b]


Lowsten - Viceroy
htmlmaster - Councilor
Roxas - Councilor
Guppy - Councilor
Kirza94 - MoFA

[b]The Resistance - Nyan Cat[/b]


King Death II, Prime Minister
Sorel, Councilman
Drakis, Councilman
Nucks8, Councilman
Porkpotpie, Councilman
Zigbigadorlou, Councilman
Jack Whiterstein, Councilman

[b]The Peoples Community - The Commie Cat:[/b]


The Assembly

[size="5"][b]Kitty Traders:[/b][/size]

Signed for

[b]The Apparatus - Steampunk Cat:[/b]



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