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Operation Northern Lights


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[b][OOC: Nikonov is over twenty-five days inactive, so, without further ado...][/b]


Under the cover of darkness, the boats from the Aaland archipelago cross the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia quietly, their lights purged in the darkness of a moonless night. Finland's government had fallen into chaos, and with the central government collapsed, there would surely be civil strife. The fleet of boats, a number of them requisitioned fishing trawlers and local fishing vessels, had been enlisted, along with their crews by the Swedish government. After a quiet transfer of troops from Sweden's recently raised Jager-Brigade [i]Falkenberg[/i] to the Aaland islands the nights proceeding the kickoff of the operation, the operation was now given the "GO" order.

Using their makeshift fleet of recently-procured coastal patrol craft, along with requisitioned civilian craft, the light infantry would be ferried from the Aaland Islands towards Turku, Finland, and its surrounding municipality. The 1st Infantry Brigade, now known as Cavalry Brigade [i]Orebro[/i], would be in reserve for the operation, with troops stationed both in Stockholm and in the Aaland Islands as backup. The operation's main focus would be securing a beachhead around Turku and its adjacent islands and inlets, for an eventual push inland. This would be tasked to two out of the brigades' three regiments, while the third regiment would tasked with securing the town of Hanko and the surrounding countryside.

All of the Swedish soldiers, which were lightly-armed and had low-intensity conflict equipment, including some equipped with riot gear, were accompanied by Swedish civilian law enforcement personnel, assigned to assist with the constabulary mission they were now undertaking. Swedish National Police were assigned three to a platoon, and had given crash course training to the Jagers in the days before the kickoff of the operation. This operation was about ensuring the protection of Swedish sovereignty now that Finland had fallen into disarray, and that civil strife would not effect the closest of Sweden's sovereign lands, in this case, the Aaland Islands. Most of the Swedish troops were well versed in Finnish as well as Saami, and others were issued dictionaries, as well as training in recognizing signs and directions in Finnish.

With Cavalry Brigade [i]Orebro[/i] providing fast-reaction ground support with their rotary-wing steeds, air support was on stand by, provided by about sixty or so fighters, some of them upgraded Dassault Rafales, a squadron of Saab Gripens, and the rest of the aircraft upgraded F/A-18 Super Hornet multirole fighters. Also available for service were a token force of mixed transport aircraft, and a few air-to-air refueling aircraft. One full squadron was airborne, but was on patrol near Stockholm, as per usual practice for the Swedish Air Force, there was no need to overfly Finland with aircraft and frighten any citizens. The makeshift transport fleet would disembark their passengers into boats, quays, or directly onto beaches as soon as they reached their assigned destinations. As soon as the first boots set foot on Finland's soil, the Swedish government would issue a general statement, which many would not see until the next mornings' news.

[center][b][size="6"]Official Swedish Statement[/size][/b]


"It has come to the attention of the Swedish National Government that the central government of Finland has fallen and no central authority now exists in what was once known as the sovereign nation of Finland. To ensure the stability of Finland, the Swedish National Government hereby imposes a protectorate over the [i]landskap[/i] (regions) of Finland Proper, including the Turku municipality, as well as Satakuna [i]landskap[/i], and the western half of the [i]landskap[/i] of Uusimaa, including the Peninsula of Hanko, along with the Tavastia Proper and Pirkanmaa [i]landskaps[/i]. This measure is to ensure the safety and security of the Swedish municipality of Aaland, and ensure that law and order is kept amongst the Finnish populations of these regions.

We are amenable to working with other regional parties in this matter, and will do so with all haste to ensure that our Scandinavian brethren do not fall into strife and anarchy. Our armed forces, which will spearhead this sovereignty operation, will work with local authorities, and are working with civilian authorities to ensure these goals are kept, while law and order is restored."

[i]Christian Nyquist
Minister of International Affairs and Trade[/i]

[b][OOC: [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regions_of_Finland]Here[/url], is a helpful guide to regions of Finland.][/b]

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[b]An Open letter from Justinian I, Grand Duke of Finland to the government of Sweden[/b]

It has been brought to our attention that armed Swedish citizens are preparing to land or have already landed in Finland. We must make clear that Finland is a protectorate of the Slavorussian Empire. Therefore we must request that you reverse this present course of action and withdraw your previous orders as soon as possible.

We are at this moment in Helsinki trying to find a solution to this catastrophe. Finland's government has been unresponsive, that is true, however rest assured that the situation is already under control. The Slavorussian army and air force maintain a permanent deterrent force in Finland. They will be able to police the country, until a long term solution is found. You have our word that we are doing everything that can be done to turn this situation around.

We will accept any technical or logistic support you are willing to offer, but no more. The moment the Finnish government dissolved it immediately became a Slavorussian protectorate again. In the interest of maintaining the peace of Europe please accept our generous offer. We know that reason and rationality will prevail.

Justinian I Romanov, Grand Duke of Finland.

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[b]Official Swedish Government Statement[/b]

"The Swedish Government will withdraw its armed peacekeeping forces from Finland in a timely manner, though we do ask permission to engage in maritime patrols among the islands between the Aaland archipelago and the Finnish city of Turku for the time being. These maritime patrols would be undertaken by personnel from the Swedish Coast Guard, and would involve helicopters and lightly armed patrol boats. As there are easily hundreds of islets and small backwater waterways in this area, we feel that we are quite capable of ensuring the security of these waters until a solution is found to this situation and can assist in this endeavor.

This would be a constabulary mission, and any apprehended wrongdoers would be handed over to Slavorussian Forces in Turku, any pursuits that resulted in suspects stepping foot on actual Finnish soil, would be left up to Slavorussian forces to continue. These services would be provided free-of-charge, and the forces would coordinate with Slavorussian Forces in the area, and they would have their own logistical support."

[i]Christian Nyquist
Minister of International Affairs and Trade[/i]

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We are happy to see that cool heads have prevailed today. We understand that the waterways between Aaland and Turku are a concern for Sweden and therefore we will not interfere with law enforcement operations there, as long as we are kept well-informed by the constabulary force. Our army and air force will offer whatever support is needed.

On the matter of partitioning Finland; we do not believe dividing Finland is a favorable course of action. It should remain one country no matter what the eventual outcome is.

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