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A Joint Announcement from the Mushroom Kingdom and the Viridian Entente

Leet Guy

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Lately, this forum has degraded into one of the most despicable cesspools of posturing and e-peen waving we have ever seen. Specifically, the whining of the New Sith Order and the outrageous arguments that the Legion have been making are new lows for us as a community. We cannot stand it any longer, our ears have bled enough. While Tetris have worked in earnest to find an amicable solution, the Legion and the New Sith Order have let their far-too-inflated egos get in the way of negotiating in good faith. As of update tonight, the Legion and New Sith Order have 72 hours to find a peace agreement. If peace has not been reached when this window expires, the Mushroom Kingdom and the Viridian Entente will take matters into our own hands. We'll show you how to truly coordinate on the battlefield, and we will demonstrate how to act with class until all parties have found peace.

[b]War is peace.[/b]

[u]Signed for the Viridian Entente[/u]

[i]Impero[/i], Lord of the Entente
[i]Goldie[/i], Duke of the Entente
[i]Shadow[/i], Secretary of Defense
[i]Bergini[/i], Secretary of the Interior
[i]Cornelius[/i], Secretary of State
[i]Asawyer[/i], Secretary of Economics

[u]Signed for the Mushroom Kingdom[/u]

King: Archon
Crown Prince: lebubu
Prince: Ardus

Enclave: Teh 1337 Guy, babyjesus
Lord High Vanguard: NinjaColt
Lord High Treasurer: Azaghul
Lord High Director: Banksy

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Very interesting approach, it must have taken a lot to make this happen, and I'm eager to see the results.

Also, the way I'm reading it, both parties are going to get stomped on if they don't work it out, not just one side, so everyone criticizing that should reread.

EDIT: I'm going to preempt this argument right now:

"But the Legion is winning, so this is just a threat to make them offer less harsh terms."

Go look at the treaty web and try to make that argument again, and you'll see why it fails so mightily. Just because allies haven't come in yet doesn't mean it's out of the realm of possibility, and from the looks of it, both sides' allies are beginning to get annoyed.

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[quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1320423829' post='2838405']
You're reading it wrong, try again.
This is just another example in a long string of imperialist Mushroom Kingdom decisions that prove there is a hegimonistic New World Order running things behind the scenes where the hardworking decent denizens of Planet Bob toil just to get by.

We know the truth and we will not be silenced.

We are the 99%

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[quote name='RustyNail' timestamp='1320424165' post='2838412']
I twitter with antici...........................................................pation

This made my Friday even better than it already was.
Damn you, I'd just gotten that song out of my head.

Plus, I'm writing a comprehensive thesis (OOC: Research Paper) on Metaphysics this weekend, so if anything starts up I won't be able to be around the forums as much as I'd like.

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