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NATO Election Results


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It is with great pressure that I announce the NATO members that have been coerced/shoehorned/installed/elected to the following NATO government positions for the November-January term:

[b]Secretary General[/b]

[b]Secretary of Defense[/b]

[b]Secretary of Commerce[/b]

[b]Secretary of Foreign Affairs[/b]
Sir Humphrey

[b]Secretary of Enlistment[/b]

[b]Chief Justice[/b]

o/ election announcements

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[quote name='potato' timestamp='1320430309' post='2838533']
If this was the Wild West, you'd all be dead by now.

/me blows his finger pistols


Aim for the heart, Ramon ;)

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[quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1320454395' post='2839067']
Congrats to all on being elected. Special shout out to Sir Humphrey!
Thanks, it was a pretty tense race. My challenger to the sofa, Ser Humpty, attracts a surprisingly high level of support. I shall have to watch my back.

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