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ODN Election Results


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Our members have voted, the ballots are all in, and democracy has triumphed yet again. Thus, I have the honor of presenting the ODN Government for term XLIV

Secretary General: OsRavan

Assistant Secretary General: Proximus
Secretary of the Interior: Italiarules
Secretary of Economics: DSwan
Secretary of Defense: Zaxon
Secretary of State: Walling

Senate XLIV:

Twizzler, Dylan Lusk, Yankeesfan924, Lucius Aerilius, Rikhard II

ODN saw a good mix of change and continuity this term. First of all, we bid a semi-retirement to former SG eZe. He has served ODN well in multiple positions, most recently as Sec-Gen. Luckily, he has not gone far, and ODN will continue to benefit from his advice and experience as a GA member. Otherwise, the Secretariat saw DSwan and Zaxon return as Secretary of Economics and Defense respectively. They are joined by long time members (but new to these positions) Proximus (ASG) and Walling (SoS) as well as the un-quantifiable Italiarules in interior.

In the Senate, Yankeesfan is the only incumbent to return this term. Joining him are previously experienced Senators Twizzler, Dylan Lusk, and Lucius Aerilius. Finally, the Senate is rounded out by the long time and greatly respected GA member Rikhard II who is finally trying his hands at gov work.

All in all, it is a great team and I am confident ODN can expect great things to come this term.

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[quote name='Stormsend' timestamp='1320292296' post='2837420']
Would you just come out and say you have taken an authoritarian hold over the Network, Os?

the key is to bribe the voters with Caek as they enter the election booth. It works every time.

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