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Pride & Honor


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The alliances of North American Confederacy (Hereafter referred to as NAC) and Death Before Dishonor
(Hereafter referred to as DB4D), in the spirit of mutual respect and friendship, have come together to make the following pact.

Both DB4D and NAC reserve the option to aid and assist in the other's defense when in need or upon request.

Both DB4D and NAC agree to share information that could effect the well-being, prosperity, or security of the other.

Both DB4D and NAC agree not to conduct hostile actions of any manner against each other, and shall settle all disputes between each other diplomatically, and with the interest of both alliances in mind.

If either alliance feels the need to cancel this agreement, they must notify the other 72 hours prior to this document becoming null and void.

[u]Signed for DB4D[/u]

Aryan83- Supreme Commander
Erixxxx- Supreme Regent
Mankiller- cMoFA
Azteka- cMoWD
Steinfeld- cMoWD
bwc153- MoIA

[u]Signed for NAC[/u]

-- Rattlehead (aka Hellbilly)
-- Shavar
-- Thom98

Secretary of Defense: -- Commander Ferreday
Secretary of Internal Affairs: CommanderX

Government Advisors:
-- Advena

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[quote name='President S O' timestamp='1320286291' post='2837350']
Congratulations to our frinds in NAC, DB4D have a great ally in you guys.

Thanks .. and it is great to get this posted .. I look forward getting to know our new friends even better

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