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[quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1320255553' post='2837097']
But I thought you had Valhalla to prove why Olympus does not need WRCs... Also, great gov lineup. :D

Other way around, Doch. :awesome:

[quote name='queenhailee' timestamp='1320256451' post='2837106']
Lol. Not exactly. . .

Valhalla WRC percentage: 24.9
Olympus WRC percentage: 39.4

BAPS proves why Olympus doesn't need WRCs. 71.4% of their members have WRCs


BAPS :wub:

[quote name='TRON IX' timestamp='1320279782' post='2837287']
"MDoAP with Valhalla, effective March 8, 2009"

I could have sworn I sent Keshav over to cancel this?

I knew I shouldn't have "outsourced" that job.

Congrats to all!


He arrived... he just didn't get out alive.

Did you receive the joint letter of disapproval and subsequent war dec. from Pansy and CB? :P

Edited by President S O
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[quote name='William Bonney' timestamp='1320281858' post='2837312']
aboooe was born to be in the upper echelons, trust me ;)
upper echelons of janitorial services maybe

<&Pinky> Ron letting me near the ACP is about as sensible as letting Simms manage your nation or aboooe tie his shoes'

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[quote name='queenhailee' timestamp='1320203874' post='2836904']
What are you trying to do to me? Nobody in Defense is nice. We're tough. Tough and mean. Tough and mean and ugly!

/me waves the people away. Nothing to see here folks. He's just a little delusional :rolleyes:

:wub: band

You can keep waving the people away all you want but I have proof. I have you on record baking cookies...and since they were not poison cookies that makes you nice :P

Seriously though congrats again Olympus, though Pansy I expect a good war out of you with the FA reigns in your hands or well whatever you use for hands. :lol1:

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