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Olympus Announcement

The Pansy

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Olympus has just held its 11th set of elections, we would like to introduce two new faces to our government;
Rontastic as Potentate of IA, and aboooe as Adjutant (Govs !@#$%*), Grendel has retaken the Treasury position after one election cycle out.

May Admin have mercy on our souls.

Our Updated info is below, for all that are interested.

[quote][center][b]Wiki:[/b] http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Olympus

[b]Forums:[/b] http://www.cnolympus.net/forums/[/center]

[center][size="5"][color="#800080"]Council of Potentates[/color][/size]


* queenhailee, Buffalo Niagara, The Pansy, Grendel, President S O

[size="4"]Potentate of Foreign Affairs[/size]

* The Pansy

[size="4"]Potentate of Internal Affairs[/size]

* Rontastic

[size="4"]Potentate of Treasury[/size]

* Grendel

[size="4"]Potentate of Defense[/size]

* queenhailee


[center][i]The Adjutant is a position, created as a way to educate possible future government members in all areas. An apprentice of sorts.[/i][/center]


MDoAP with Valhalla, effective March 8, 2009
Poseidon Purple Bloc, effective August 25, 2009
MDoAP with BAPS, effective November 20, 2009
MDoAP with SNAFU, effective December 1, 2009
MDoAP With NPO, effective May 20, 2010
oDoAP With TLR, effective Oct 5, 2011
Protectorate With Confederatio Aesir, effective July 29, 2011[/center][/quote]

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Top Posters In This Topic

[quote name='Farrin Xies' timestamp='1320200733' post='2836861']
I do love me some Olympus, and that's a mighty fine gov there. Except Ron, damned Canadian.
Dude, what about aboooe?

[color="#FF0000"]*Pansy[/color] shakes his head in shame

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[quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1320201117' post='2836864']
Dude, what about aboooe?

[color="#FF0000"]*Pansy[/color] shakes his head in shame
The fact I ran unopposed is just disgraceful..

Edit: grammar is hard.

Edited by aboooe
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[quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1320201342' post='2836870']
Congrats on the elections, Olympus.

Did you sneakily add a defense element to your TLR treaty, or am I just remembering it incorrectly?
Did we forget to mention summin when we posted it originally?


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[quote name='Mandellav' timestamp='1320202282' post='2836886']
Must drop Olympus OAP. Terrible alliance means terrible treaty. Pansy defiles livestock on the reg. Not good for business.
Electing Ron and aboooe is a CB in this modern day, you should act on it.

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[quote name='band20' timestamp='1320202209' post='2836885']
My congratulations to the new Olympus government, good luck to them all.

P.S. Your minister of defense is really nice :)

:wub: queenhailee

What are you trying to do to me? Nobody in Defense is nice. We're tough. Tough and mean. Tough and mean and ugly!

/me waves the people away. Nothing to see here folks. He's just a little delusional :rolleyes:

:wub: band

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