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Elrich von Richt

Announcement from the New Sakura Order

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[size=3][i]~ on the first anniversary of the alliance, founded 19 Oct, 2010 (well, kind of delayed) ~[/i][/size][/center]

Little over a year ago, the New Sakura Order founded on Planet Bob. We came into this planet with our set of goals, a few friends, and a determination to outlive and outlast. Our theme was something unique to us, something borrowed over from our previous alliance and home (the SOS Brigade), but evolving and ever-changing. It has since developed into something beautiful, and our community is as strong as ever, and close as ever.

Many thanks to those who helped found the alliance and are no longer with us, such as: Dissident, and Youmu. To those who have worked in our government in the past: Tohru, Sareya, and Onyx Firefly, and to our first Empress, who held the titular position from our opening days until just recently, and steered us through troubled times: Katsumi. To the other people who've been within our ranks and helped us grow into what we've become, thanks to you as well.

A very special thanks, however, goes out to the [b]Imperial Assault Alliance[/b], for protecting us and helping us at every turn and bend when we required them, and for being the best protector an alliance could ask for. Special shout-outs especially to Voodoo Nova, Lavo, Chimaera, Grundig, James Wilson, mastabadey, roopot, and TheListener for keeping us company as representatives of that alliance through their tenure as our protector.

To our friends at the AOD Brigade, and our other friends in the Cyberverse, we stand fast and will never back. We will not disband regardless of the circumstances, and we will always honor our treaties regardless of circumstances. An even bigger thanks, however, to GATO and LoSS for taking up our protection.

While others have wished for our demise, and long wanted us in the 'dustbin of history', we shall continue to outlast their ambitions and continue on as we are. For we, the New Sakura Order, eternal, everlasting, and beautiful. We shall not give in, and we shall outlast our rivals until this Planet's dying breath.

Here's to another year, and the many years beyond it to come.

o/ New Sakura Order


tl;dr New Sakura Order is still around after a year, and will always be thriving. Problem? :smug:

Edited by Elrich von Richt

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[center][b][size=5]An Announcement From the New Sakura Order Diplomatic Office[/size][/b]

Just a short message to those who have consulates with the NsO. Some consulates at our forums have been gathering dust and have been inactive for the last few weeks. Therefore, we will be closing thes said consulates in a week from today, on the 7th of November. Theses are the alliances with consulates that will be closed:


Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
Global Order of Darkness
New Polar Order
Ordinary Men Fighting Giants
Random Insanity Alliance
The Imperial Order
The International
The Last Remnants
The Peoples Community
The Shadow Accord
United Equestria

If a diplomat or general person want to come and kill the inactivity/sweep the dust/etc, that would cool. Also, anyone/everyone is free and welcome to come onto our boards, located at [url="www.newsakuraorder.com"]www.newsakuraorder.com[/url] or come see us on our IRC channel at #sakura on Coldfront.

Have a good day.

Saniiro Matsudaira, Petal Councillor of Foreign Matters[/center]

Edited by Saniiro Matsudaira

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The little disappointment following IAA's disbandment. <_<

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Congratulations on your one year anniversary, I wish NsO good fortune as it continues to move into the future and towards other milestones.

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I admit to mistaking you for the other anime alliance and thinking the NG-SOS war was NG-NsO.

Congrats on a year, a noble achievement in this day and age.

o/ Cherry Blossoms.

Senbonsakura Kageyoshi.

Edited by Krunk the Great

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Did you change the flag? That makes me sad. :(

Good luck in the future, I guess.

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