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Dark Templar Announcement(s)

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First of all, we celebrated our three year anniversary as an alliance back in August. I would like to thank everybody who has helped make DT what it is today. Here is cake for you guise to celebrate!


Second, we recently passed 3million nation strength for the first time as an alliance. Pic is provided below.


Finally, DT and Blackhorse have decided to upgrade our protectorate to a MDoAP.

The Dark Horse Pact

Preamble: It has been over a year since the Dark Templar initially began protecting Blackhorse. Since then, our mutual desire of "protection, friendship, and growth" has been solidified with front-lines military cooperation and continued brotherhood. It is in this spirit that we now sign a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact.

Article I: Peace, Intelligence, and Brotherhood
This treaty builds upon a Protectorate relationship and will continue open communication. Neither party shall engage in direct aggression or indirect sabotage against the other party. Intelligence regarding world affairs will be shared between the two alliances and kept in confidentiality. Both parties pledge to encourage a spirit of brotherhood between their respective alliances.

Article II: Mutual Defense
Should either party find itself under attack, the other party shall come to its defense by any means necessary. This may include military/financial aid and/or political "soft" power.

Article III: Optional Aggression
A. Should either party find it necessary to prepare for war, they may request assistance from the other party. This may include military/financial aid and/or political "soft" power.
B. Although it is encouraged, aggressive aid is not mandatory.
C. Once the formal request for aggressive aid has been given, the second party has a 48-hour window to deliberate and prepare.

Article IV: Treaty Conflicts
This treaty shall be considered non-chaining.

Article V: Cancellation
This treaty is considered null and void if either party acts against its principles and spirit. If either party chooses to cancel or downgrade this treaty, reasons will be given in private and a 3-day grace period shall commence.

Signed for the Dark Templar:
- Myworld, Dark Triumvar
- Titan, Dark Triumvar
- Supa_Troop3r, Triumvar
- Zzzptm, High Templar of Foreign Affairs
- General Ozujsko, Immortal, Grand Marshall of the Jersey Shore, Kommandant of Exit 63.

Signed for Blackhorse:

- Strykewolf, Commanding Officer
- Arcticllama, Executive Officer

anddddd that's it!

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