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Gran Atlantico


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Once a jewel of Spanish colonialism, the gleaming city of Cartegena de Indias had become the sight of a large celebratory gathering. There, in the tropical plaza, the spur of new political activity draws in crowds of onlookers. Many understand this to be the end-all discussion to determin the future of South America. Various political figures from all across the southern continent had arrived, each accompanied by an entourage of their native country for the very public discussions in the endeavour for stability, unity, & nationhood. As the representatives converged on the plaza, the different groups could be spotted out one by one. The Colombian group welcomed & embraced the Brazilians, the Venezuelans greeted the Uruguayans as the groups melted in with the various Carribean delegations.

The convention became a spectacle for their audience, native & foreigner alike. No one was sure just how far along the discusions amongst the representatives had come until cheers came at the evening's onset. A flag had been raised at the center of the plaza & each representative stood, congratulating one another & praising the banner of Gran Atlantico. The provisional junta was to oversee the transitional government as borders where being defined. The Bolivar Povince of Colombia was the first region of the young multinational republic of South America. Empowered by its constitution & popular support, Gran Atlantico strides triumphantly onto the world stage.


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