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They Call us moralists

Hime Themis

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Gentle Persons

It is always pleasing to find friends with much in common. It is even better to find friends critiqued for the same reason you are. We have known the STA for a very long time and though we we moved in different circles we admired their ability to stand by their convictions and friends. We finally knew we must become closer when we watch three straight posts on the OWF by STA members denounced as being "Moralistic"
So to those who label both the STA and OBR as Moralistic we can but say.

[b][font="Georgia"]You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Dame Hime Themis

[font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]Signatories

1. Acknowledge a desire to further relations in a formal fashion.
2. Pledge special care in the positive discourse between members in all public venues.
3. Refrain from negative commentary or complaint in all public venues.
4. Agree to resolve all reasonable grievances in a private and cordial manner.
5. Will pursue broader social contact between members.
6. Open economic interests with each other
7. Share information or intelligence that is received that impacts the other.
8. Be open to enhancing the level of formal diplomatic relations where reasonable.
9. Refrain from any aggressive military action or spying efforts against the other.
10. Refrain from providing succour to an enemy of the other during war.
11. Will provide knowledge, advice and aid in reasonable measure as requested.
12. Maintain a formal active diplomatic post in the Alliance Forum of each other.

Cancellation may be sadly accepted with 48 hours notice and a further 72 hours of [/size]NAP.[/font]

For The Order of the Black Rose

Queen AterAtra
Sir Winslow, Knight Protector
The Knights Council

For the Siberian Tiger Alliance

Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland, Supreme Chancellor

Pezstar of Pezstaria, Chancellor

Consilium Tigris

Eregor of Garden
Veraxyl of Rhinehard
Conistonslim of Rikatta
Jyrinx of Aquitaine

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I also do not think we've ever been mistaken for RoK before, lol.

I personally have long held the Rosular Kingdom in the highest of respect and am pleased to see this treaty. May our relationship only grow stronger :)

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This is the first event in close to 200 days that has lured me to this venue.

The Order of the Black Rose is an alliance singular in flavor in all of Digiterra (if I may, this once). While I confess that the particular style does not especially tempt to me to emulate it, I appreciate what it adds to the community, and I have never seen anything short of admirable in the character and comportment of the people of the Realm of the Rose. Indeed, one of the kindest acts I have been privy to in my time here was done in secret and without expectation of recompense by one of the OBR.

This is a fine treaty and I anticipate a fruitful and close relationship.

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I am surprised (as always) but very pleased by this announcement. STA is an alliance that I have a great deal of respect for in this realm. I especially like talking to Pezstar even when she is mad at me. Although I doubt that she remembers those times from days past. lol

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