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A Menotah Announcement


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[b]Ezkonomics Treaty V2[/b]

[i]Article One.[/i]

Menotah and Kaskus come together to form this treaty.

[i]Article Two.[/i]

Optional Defence is exactly what we say it is.

[i]Article Three.[/i]

Optional Aggression is exactly what we say it is.
Article Four.[/i]

This Treaty has a 48 hour cancellation process and can not be
cancelled during wartime.


Ezko, Minister of Ezkonomics
Fireblade, Zombie Assassin
Bradford, Deputy Zombie Assassin
Joey67500, President

Suryanto Tan, President (Happy)
Lord Caparo, Regent (Grumpy)
Neolord, Minister (Sleepy)
Blackorchid, Minister (Doc)
Semutjoget, Member (Sneezy)
khacrutz, Member (Bashful)
Hondacivic (handsome prince)
makapuan (snow white)
boloe (Dopey)

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[quote name='Lord Boris' timestamp='1320036942' post='2835540']
So it went from a protectorate to an ODOAP? I'm not sure if I'd consider this an upgrade or a downgrade, or simply Menotah giving itself an arm's length between themselves and their recently acquired plaything.

We're a plaything? when did that happen?

What makes you so sure its Menotah giving itself an arms length? could it not be us not liking an ally of theres?

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