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The Warriors

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[center]The Warriors was created several rounds ago in Tournament Edition for the specific purpose of making Tournament Edition more fun through the act of war. Being a member of the Warriors means you have a divine right and talent to war and that even though you may be in anarchy, or may have no experience on the battlefield, you have what it takes to learn to become a Warrior. It also means you've got what it takes to go beyond the standards of war, to be the overachiever, to be the one who fights, even though the odds are against them, to be [b]A Warrior[/b]. The Warriors are currently one of the most respected and experienced alliances in Tournament Edition. We started from scratch and earned our way to success. We didn't have any assistance from a SE alliance because we didn't need any. In fact, during rounds in the past, we held the position as top alliance. Once you join, The Warriors will immediately begin monitoring you to make sure you are building AT LEAST twice as fast as were to build if you were on your own. We use trade circles, war guides, building guides, etc. to make sure you have every chance to become the ultimate Warrior. The Warriors are also officially endorsed by the Commonwealth Of Sovereign Nations in Cybernations:Standard Edition. Apply Now!

Co-Chief of The Warriors[/center]

[center]P.S. - We dont do forums in Tournament Edition anymore since we no longer allow ghosting so disregard that link to The Warriors forums, it is no longer needed. Just sign up in TE and request to join our AA[/center]

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[quote name='Clash' timestamp='1323297218' post='2867793']
We gots sum skillzed shizzles in dese mad manizzles, yo.
Try saying THAT 3 times in a row.

skizim frizm bump

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