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Confederacy of the RnR

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Hello, My name is Lord Deathbringer of the Carpathain Islands in Cybernations Tournament. I am the President of the Confederacy of the RnR. We are working on conquering CNTE through the spread of cultural interests in the name of the Glorious RnR. I am using the RnR as the name for my alliance while promoting that our members join the RnR in CNSE. However the Confederacy of the RnR may be making the Cybernation Jump from CNTE to CNSE. We urge members from CN to join the predessor of the Confederacy of the RnR in CNSE, the RnR. However we also are recruiting members to join our alliance in CNTE. We are still in the lower echelons of our development. Our Democratic Government is focused on maintaining economic welfare for our members and a military to defend our interests. We understand the competition in CN. We are still majorly focused on allowing our members to succeed and win. We will be teaching our members about the game and the alliance through our Academy and our Military Academy. Thus, providing our members with the chance to succeed. We will provide our members with Trade Circles to allow them access to different resources. Although our alliance supports different interests then our predeccesor, we still carry on the name of the RnR. We want our members to succeed. We Want You To Succeed.

Join the Confederacy of the RnR Today

It's Simple just click "Edit My Nation" change your Allaince Affliation to Confederacy of the RnR. Then Register at http://confederacy-of-the-rnr-cn.webs.com

The first members will recieve positions in government.

Hurry while it lasts

Government Positions

-Prime Minister

-Ministers (5)

-Senate (3)

Congressmen (5)

More information at the website.


Lord Deathbringer
President of the Confederacy of the RnR

Edited by Lord Deathbringer
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