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An Announcement

Markus Wilding

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[size="5"]An Announcement from the Commonwealth Office of Foreign Affairs[/size]
Citing the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=102544&view=findpost&p=2833551"]nuclear explosion[/url] and rogue military coup, the Commonwealth is hereby taking the following actions:

1. The West African Republic will hereby become a Commonwealth protectorate
2. The areas affected by the nuclear launches will be quarantined until further notice
3. All non-allied foreign assets will be seized until they can be declared clear of NBC threats
4. The West African people will be given a referendum on their fate in 2 years time to ensure the mainstay of freedom and democracy

Soldiers from Ghost Division began to move into the WAR, and would only fire if fired upon. Messages would be broadcast that they are here to protect the West Africans, not to harm.

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Noting the dire situation in the area, and the need for all possible intervention, Rebel Army hereby recognizes the Commonwealth's protection over the area, and will immediately be deploying humanitarian works and solders, both those equipped with proper NBC gear and those without, and will be sending over a few large high capacity/weight VTOLs to aid in the surveying and evacuation of regions effected by missile strikes.

***Classified to the Commonwealth***
"Time is of the essence in this situation, sadly one are all too familiar with, and as such offer our assistance in both surveying and securing the Republic, regardless of whose name it shall be done in."

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The United Federation of the East, African Forces, stationed in the West African Republic, shall be securing our military equipment and factories. These assets shall be moved to friendly soil elsewhere in the Atlantic. In the meantime, we will offer our support for the Commonwealth Operations, and support it militarily (as we already have the forces in place). We request though, that our operation to relocate facilities and protect UFE military technology be left unhindered.

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