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I did not hit her


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[size=18pt][b]October 28, 2006 - October 28, 2011[/b][/size][/color]
Over the years, CSN has had its share of ups and downs. We've certainly had our share of flags, propaganda, gags and laughs, and we look forward to more. However, today is a somewhat serious and very important day to us. This day marks a significant milestone in the commonwealth. Today the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations turns 5 years old. We've decided to celebrate by remembering past greats in the Commonwealth and to extend an invitation to our friends and family to come on by and join in our festivities for prizes, games, and free tech. To begin our festivities we'd like to remember the following Heads of State in our...


[u][b] Ginotheroman[/b][/u]
What is there that can be said about Ginotheroman? He's responsible for the CSN we know and love today. Special thanks to our founder for all his hard work and dedication over the years.

Although we're still paying gobs of money for your retirement home, we'd like to thank you for your service over the past few years in all aspects from IA, Defense, The Tech & Trades department, and overall being easily the best leader i've served under. We $^#!($& love you.

[u][b]Allied Threat[/b][/u]
...How do I begin to explain AT? We couldn't so we asked around...
Delta1212: Allied_Threat is flawless.
Xiphosis: I hear his hair's insured for $10,000.
Wiccan: I hear he does car commercials... in Japan.
Chuck: His favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
ShadowSlayer: One time he met John Stamos on a plane...
Shadow: - And he told him he was pretty.
Torchwood: One time he punched me in the face... it was awesome.
It can best be summed up to say thank you. For all your witty puns, all your sarcastic rebuttals, and service to the commonwealth.

Time and time again, the commonwealth has made new friends and waved goodbye to others. Be it our brothers in SPAM, Maroon Economic Pact, Chestnut or Superfriends, we value all the friends we've made over the years. Our friends from the past in former allies such as The Brain, Ragnarok, United Sovereign Nations, and TYR to present allies in Coalition of Royal Allied Powers, Random Insanity Alliance, ARES, Farkistan, our boys in Guru Order, the Global Order of Darkness, R&R and The Templar Knights, we appreciate all you've done for us over the years. We are proud to be maroon, proud to be a Superfriend, and proud to stand by you now and in the future.


[u][b]Birthday Events:[/b][/u]

[b]Spam Contest - 7 day Event
1st Prize - 500 Tech (15 mil)
2nd Prize - 250 Tech (9 mil)
3rd Prize - 100 tech (3 mil)

[b]Best CSN Graphic Contest - 7 day Event
1st Prize - 500 tech (or 15 mil)
2nd Prize - 250 Tech (9 mil)
3rd Prize 100 tech (3 mil)

[b]Examples: [/b]
(Special thank you to Catamount from TTK)


(Special Thanks to CATFACE from Dark Templar!)
We look forward to seeing what else everyone has up their sleeves in the graphics department.
Bring on the spam!

[b]IRC[/b]: #csn on irc.coldfront.net [i]*& and up are government*[/i]
[b]Forums[/b]: [url=http://cncommonwealth.com/forum/index.php]Link[/url]


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On this the anniversary of your creation, and as the night when the veil between the worlds thins grows nearer, beware of ghosts (no not a threat, a jest on All Hallows Eve).

And since the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood, and the night of ghosts grows near, I thought this an appropriate gift


Others said this was better


I'll let you decide.

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Did you leave out TheBlackWatch intentionally?

Edit: Also, does being banned on your forum mean that I can't participate in the spam-off? :(

Edit edit:

Edited by NationRuler
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[quote name='NationRuler' timestamp='1319809560' post='2833557']
Edit edit:

Good Chuckle. I only hope there's a another point to where it even plummets more. :smug:

On a side note, Congratulations on existing for 5 years! This is a great feat! :)

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Gino was an honorable man, and a true pleasure to be allied to over the years. Allied Threat was another wonderful leader. Ferocitas was one of the more favorable experiences in my CN career.

It is a shame you no longer have that caliber of leadership.

Nonetheless, congratulations on reaching 5 years. Your alliance has been through a tremendous amount of conflict and turmoil in its history and despite my dislike of your current government your perseverance must be respected.

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Gino had absolutely nothing to do with the CSN of today, he had everything to do with the CSN of the past that everyone loved and respected.

Where is TBW and Arouet. I'll assume Arouet isn't there becaue he was fiercly opposed to what CSN has become, but TBW?

SOM should be on this list too.

And about a dozen other people.

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