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From Whence We Came


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[b]**Encrypted Message, codename: GUARDIAN**[/b]

Construction of the Quarantine Zone is complete. We have 200,000 men guarding the wall day and night, assisted by the finest cybernetics the Empire has ever produced. Scouting parties have managed to pull railguns and other coastal defenses with near universal success from the former Empire and reinstall them here to help with our defenses. Interesting to note, a Sergeant Marcus Fenix was found defending one fort in the name of the old Imperium. We safely extracted his entire team to await further orders in the Falklands. Final Phase of the Winter Contingency has been completed. We await your command, First Speaker.

[b]**Public Message**[/b]
A single man sat in a chair, not particularly decorated in any way. The First Speaker was entitled above all others to wear the coat and trim of an Imperial Officer, and it was apparent that not only did he wear the uniform, the man was accustomed to it. He sat rigidly, using only the edge of his seat. It was as if the Speaker was a man constantly at attention.

"Greetings to my fellow citizens, and the nations of the world." He smiled then, and stated bluntly, "The Holy American Empire is no more. Many across the world know this and yet there it is. Gone. Kaput. Foreign elements have moved on the continent and secured various regions for their own purposes. This does not concern us in the slightest." A hard note edged into his voice. "We are not at this time filing some sort of claim to manifest destiny on the entire South American continent.

"However, we are being firm on one point. The Quarantine Zone must not be crossed, and we have built a wall to make it as such. There are countlses millions living in the wastelands of the continent and any one of them could carry some sort of disease one of the two governments released during the war. Screen your refugees carefully.

"As a final aside I, First Speaker Roxas, do hereby announce the creation of the sovereign Winter Contingency."

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[quote]xxx Private / Classified xxx

To: Winter COntingency


The Kingdom of Cochin declares that it respects the sovereignty of the Winter Contingency and Cochin Expeditionary Force shall respect the inviolability of the Quarantine Line. The Kingdom of Cochin has no long term interests in the continent of South America and hope to leave in peace once our aims of pacification of the continent is achieved. We have however staked our claims on certain island territories we hope we would be permitted to claim the sovereignty of namely, St Peter and St Paul Archipelago, Fernando de Noronha and Ilha Trindade and the South Orkneys Islands. These islands are vital for ongoing campaigns in South America and serve additional purposes in our geostrategic security. We hope Winter Contingency would not oppose these claims?


His Highness Kerala Varma,
The King of Cochin

xxx End xxx[/quote]

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"The Transitional Republic recognises the Winter Contingency's sovereignty. We acknowledge the wall you have built as a border that should not be passed by our citizens, and they will be informed thusly.
While we thank you for the warning regarding the infected wastelanders, we are, of course, already screening people coming in from the Wasteland, quarantining those who are found to be infected until cures can be found, if even possible."

Laura Leclerc
Speaker of the Republic

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