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News Report: Ellendine

Phenoix Empire

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This the PBN reporter Mike Hawks coming to you live from off the coast of Midsky.
The history of this forgotten little nook of the world is relatively unknown and seems like it will stay that way for a while yet. All I say for sure is that it is believed that Midsky is in league with the group of nations known as Alchemy and that their leader is a man by the name of Xaver Exro.

The following is the list of known information of the ruling faction:
The ruling faction of Ellendine is House Exro.
Leader Name: Xaver Exro (What history is known is that he is named after the the first head of House Exro)
Leader Title: Xave (Ellendinian word similar to Lord or King, derived from Xaver the first head of house Exro)

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