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Amri Jalil Wins Elections


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[size="7"]Tobora Gazette[/size]

[size="5"]Jalil Wins Elections[/size]

Amri Jalil, leader of the Socialist Party of Rwanda, has won the presidential elections. A landslide vote majority of nearly 64% has shown he has the full support of the people. Tobora travelled to the capital of Salaam to catch site of the celebrations in the street and interview government officials. Jahk Haj, Amri's rival, told Tobora interviwers that we was happy for Jalil. An anonymous man waving the Tanzanian flag in the streets publicly voiced his support, [cont. A2, "Elections"]

[size="1"]Jalil's supporters at Salaam gathering near a man, not visible at this angle, cheering for Jalil.[/size]


[size="5"]JALIL WINS[/size]

[size="1"]An unidentified woman cheers after learning news of Jalil's win.[/size]

Amri Jalil, the Rwandan socialist, seized power today after federal officials declared him the winner of the presidential elections. With 64.5% of the votes, he easily and comfortably beat other competitors. Jahk, Amri's #1 rival, surprisingly was the main loser of the election, with only a mind numbing 5% of the votes. Asya Malia...[Full Article]

[size="7"]Trek Sports Magazine[/size]

Issue 28, October 27th, 20**

Page 4

[size="5"]Amri Jalil Wins Elections[/size]


Amri Jalil won the federal elections for president today, beating out all competitors. The Socialist nobody from rural Rwanda rose his way through the ranks to become a key politician after the collapse of the world governments in 2005. While Rebel Army was not ruling Rhodesia, he mostly laid low and attained several jobs in local systems to keep himself busy. After RA acquired the Rhodesian land for good, after the fall of (OoC: Who was here last? D:), Amri Jalil joined the Socialist Party and got involved in the larger governemnt, serving as spokesman for the party in 2010. One year later, he grabbed the status of Party President. The Socialist Party decided he was their best candidate for such a high position, and this proved to be a good choice.

OoC: Now that I've gotten this junk outta the way, I can work on the real stuff.

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