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Spy operation bug


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I have been the target of a spy operation three times in one update in TE. Spy attacks are supposed to be limited to twice per day, yes?

First attack occurred at 10/25/2011 12:00:06 AM
Second attack occurred at 10/25/2011 12:00:15 AM
Third attack occurred at 10/25/2011 12:16:15 AM
[attachment=48:Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 7.13.41 PM.png]
[attachment=49:Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 7.14.02 PM.png]

My TE nation is [url]http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000488[/url].

It's not a spoofed spy attack, as all are from "Unknown Sender," with no link. I have left all three messages in my inbox.

--edit: added screen grabs before the messages get auto-purged due to age.

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