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My Good Bye!


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I've always wanted to do one of these. I've been thinking about this for awhile and I think it's time it finally gets done. Some might see this as rage quitting but really, it's not. That issue is not the main issue that has finally made me quit this God forsaken game. I have no regrets about the maroon thing and I've very happy it went out. I was under the impression that our membership in MEAT would allow us to ruffle a few feathers here and there. I guess I was wrong but whatever, not my problem anymore. The main issue I am quitting this game is because I'm pretty damn bored and apathetic towards it. I'm also going to get pretty damn busy in the New Year because of school so my activity level would of dropped by like 80% once that started. I have resigned as MoFA of TLR and I have also resigned my membership in TLR.

Also, I just want to share the original message I would of sent out if there wasn't a 251 letter limit or something. Just for the hell of it. :P

[quote]For a more united maroon sphere, you are asked to vote for either Wargarden of Wargarden or kriekfreak of Michiel de Ruyter for the Maroon Team Senate. Furthermore, we would like to express our displeasure with certain groups who have failed to defend their allies (SOS Brigade) against a crystal clear act of aggression. The alliances in question set up complicated procedures to justify the dishonoring of treaties regardless of the fact that they once blindly supported an attack by the SOS Brigade upon the New Sakura Order. These alliances are the Random Insanity Alliance of the maroon sphere and Regnum Invictorum of the red sphere. We are ashamed to call the Random Insanity Alliance a maroon brother. As for Invicta, this kind of behavior is to be expected from them. Hail Maroon (not RIA)![/quote]

I had a lot of good times in this game. I've met a lot of good people and I'm proud that I am able to call some of them friends. I wish you all nothing but the best (real life wise and game wise) in the days and months ahead. Despite what I have said in the past, I will not rogue on my way out. My nation will remain on the Athens AA until it deletes into nothingness. I may visit IRC once every so often but I don't know.

Shout Outs!

The Last Remnants (Athens/GR/=LOST=): I've been with you people for nearly 4 years and I've very happy to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being with you guys through everything that has happened. There are some things that need to be worked on but with the current people in charge, I am very confident they will get done. Rush, Mandy, Avery, Corrupt, leogish, Medtech, Stefano, Kestral, Shamed, MU, stealthy, Amalia, Cam, Azie, DonP, an4rk, angryracoon: thank you for everything eh? Especially Rush who has had to put up with my !@#$ the most haha.

C&G (past and present): Best group of people in this game. Forever united. Been a fun ride. Best wishes! (drop all SF ties (looking at you INT). Seriously dudes :/

NPO: It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and I hope you achieve everything you want to achieve. No body deserves the amount of !@#$ you guys have had to put up with the past few years and I'm glad to see that it's becoming a thing of the past. Olympus falls in this category too minus the whole being kept down for 2 years or so thing.

Londooooooooooo, rsoxbonco1, Tyler, Alicia (both of these people have quit already) ddog, Fyfe, jreaner, Pansy, Balder, Tulak, Darklink, ReytheGreat, Dave Skippy, Jasmine, Marisssaaaa, Blackrose,WickedJ there are others haha but ya : some of my closest friends in this game. Join TLR. Best wishes for you all in your lives. Lots of love bros (nohomo).

Good bye CN!

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Good luck out there, JGoods. I enjoyed working with you in Aqua and seeing you do well in Athens and The Last Remnants. Even though we've been opposite sides of the game for three years, I can't think of a single bad thing to say about you. So take care, enjoy your break, and thanks for being so great to work with.

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Well jgoods. We've always been on the opposite sides of things. We fought head on a few times in numerous IRC channels, even wayyy before the Karma War. Even as long as i've been trying to get rid of you, Its sad to see you go. From our last conversation I was hoping we could become friends but now I guess your moving on. Farewell Jgoods.

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\o Athens prevails o/

And here's my shout out to the best damn MoFA of all time. Here's looking at you, Jamie.

P.S. don't quit, lol. Come hang out in Olympus or NPO or MK or join GOONS or go back to TLR, or whatever, but stick around. You won't be too busy to get on and socialize a bit once in a while.

Also (the apology was real?) I thought it was more of an ironic apology.

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