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Team message deleting


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As a Senator I posted a few team messages the other day. I need to post more soon and can't delete the old one. I guess there is a 3 message limit. It tells me either I don't have permission...which I doubt is the issue, or that the message is too new. If time is the reason, how long do I have to wait before deleting a message? I looked all over to try and find anything about it, but nothing came up.

Also, dear admin , can we scrap the 3 message limit. I am trying to make this a more useful dimension to the game and limiting it to 3 is silly.

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I do not think its possible. Those were pretty powerful words that tLR had to apologize for :/ I mean insulting alliances isnt really making it a more useful dimension. Maybe you can start to mass message the nations of maroon instead :)

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