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The International Brothership of Nations would like you to join! We have a few simple rules: Government type must be: Democracy, Republic, Capitalist, Federal, Revolutionary, or Monarchy. Government type must not be: Communist, Totalitarian, Transitional, Dictatorship, or Anarchy. These are anti-governments. Flag must not be of an alliance. Must be in War Mode. Must not have affiliation with anti-governments. No nations that have a history of inhuman treatment of it's citizens allowed and nations with affiliations of such nations are not allowed. If a member of the Brothership is in a war, through direction by the Collosus or volunteer, other members must: a) declare war on the enemy nation, or b) send 50+ soldiers. I, TerryTheCollosus, am obviously the Collosus. I call the shots. Besides those rules, Members can govern their nations at will.

To join, go to Edit My Nation, Alliance Affiliation, Specify Other, and type in:

International Brothership of Nations

Afterwards and if you meet all the requirements, you will become a welcome member of the Brothership.
The Brothership needs you! Please join!

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