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Tonight is an historic night in the history of Justitia's Cult. For almost two years we have existed here on the Euroslavian steppe, spreading the message of Justitia from the Temple of Justice to any audience which might listen, but also minding our own affairs in a way. Like so many who speak the truth, we have not garnered so many allies or friends, but we are firm in our beliefs, and they give us an ethereal strength beyond the faltering strength of nations.

Tonight, we are stronger still as we embark on the first steps of a new leg of our journey, a fork we have long seen coming, but which we have never found ourselves quite ready to follow. Tonight we take that step boldly and with jubilance, but also with mindfulness of its weightiness and the challenges it will bring.

Tonight, it is my solemn duty to declare as Presbyter of this Cult of Justitia that we have concluded our first elections for the only democratically-selected position within the Cult, that of Dadouchos, our torch-bearer, who leads his fellow Justitians on Her path to physical strength, yes, but greater still strength in conviction and confidence in Her divine truth and ways. By nomination and subsequent election from among his fellow Justitians, Don Chele is proclaimed the Cult's Dadouchos. And may his tenure bring new heights to Her cult!

[right]The humble steward of Her cult,

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Thank you, well-wishers. Don Chele has the confidence of the Cult and its Presbyter.

[quote name='Prodigal Moon' timestamp='1319259000' post='2830293']
Came in expecting pre-emptive DoW...but this will have to do I guess <_<
[/quote][quote name='Locke' timestamp='1319259112' post='2830295']
Should have ended this with a "tl;dr: 'Sup NG?"[/quote]
I don't know why.

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[quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1319260014' post='2830306']
I don't know why.
Because for some reason people put credence in rumors, and it is funny to see them fall flat on their faces with a little misdirection.

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