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The Shadow Over the Empire


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[center] [size="6"][b]The Shadow Over the Empire Treaty[/b][/size]


I. Same ol, Same ol.

The undersigned alliances (hereafter known as signatories), in recognition of our common values and interests and in pursuit of our collective security, strength, aquisition of cookies, something that resembles friendship, shared use of the remote during non-national televised events, and prosperity, enter into this agreement in furtherance of those goals. Furthermore, the signatories commit themselves to upholding the obligations they freely undertake by signing this treaty.

II. Dont Tase Me Bro!

Both parties agree to enter into a state of non aggression with one another for the entire duration of these accords and agree to never conspire or commit acts of espionage against one another. Both parties agree to never give any form of aid or assistance to an alliance or individual that a signatory of this treaty is militarily engaged with.

III. Oh Shi-, We need help

By ratifying this treaty, the signatories agree that, should the need arise, a signatory may request the military assistance of the other signatories. Providing a good reason for the request is given (or a bad reason all parties agree upon), the signatory alliance is expected to fulfill the request, but not obligated to do so.
This article does not apply in the situation where it would violate a higher treaty or a surrender agreement, or if the attacked signatory is in an aggressive war against another alliance.

IV. Gated Community: A Neighborhood Association Agreement

In the event pesky rogues are playing football on one of the signatories property, they can call up their neighbors to complain, and request help. If one signatory requests, the other is strongly encouraged, but not required, to come out with shotgun in hand, yelling: "GET OFF MY (NEIGHBORS) LAWN". The remains of any rogue nation is to be shared in a neighborhood barbeque, all attenders are strongly encouraged, but not required, to bring a side dish.

In the event one of the neighbors kids (read: protectorates) needs help getting to school, doing their homework, dealing with the stress of growing up and puberty, or is getting picked on at school by bullies (including raiders), the other neighbors can either be requested, or ask permission, to join the fray, and treat the kid as one of their own.

V. Cookies, Remotes, and other $#*%

Cookies shall be shared when the oppurtunity presents itself. In the event that there is "nothing on TV" both parties agree to share the remote, or agree upon something (non-reality TV related) to sit and watch when they are bored. In the event a global war breaks out, and neither signatory is involved, both parties are strongly encouraged, but not required, to laugh at all the nations getting blown up. Both signatories agree that this clause of the treaty is pretty much here just to see if others will read it, and no other reason. Turtles.

VI. Gossip Behind the Bleachers

By ratifying this treaty, the signatories agree that if they acquire information that stipulates a form of danger to another signatory, they shall share such information, with due haste, with the government of the signatory, in a private and discrete manner. The only exception to this is if the disclosure of said information would violate a surrender agreement.
Signatories also agree to keep the other signatories informed (preferably in the afore-mentioned private and discrete manner) of any current and potentially upcoming wars against either single nations or alliances. Furthermore, signatories agree to keep such information private and lessen the chance that potential enemies may be forewarned

IV. We Need To Talk...

If it is deemed necessary, or someone gets bored, or is going in a different direction, when its definitely not you, but really me baby, and no hard feelings should be felt, and no I definitely wasnt looking at other women, a signatory may withdraw from this treaty by informing the government of the other signatories in a private and discrete manner. After all signatories have been informed, there will be a 48 hour "cooling-off" period, whereby the articles of this treaty will still apply to the withdrawing signatory. But dont worry, we can definitely still be friends.

Signed for [b]The Shadow Accord[/b]:

The Emperor - [b]E.Grievous[/b]
The Consul Vizier - [b]Outsiders[/b]
The Consul Commander - [b]DoorNail[/b]
The Senator of Foreign Affairs - [b]Gamefreak666[/b]
The Senator of Internal Affairs - [b]ConRed[/b]
The Senator of Finance - [b]Wilfried[/b]

Signed for [b]Terran Empire[/b]:

[b]Yuurei[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Foreign Affairs[/i]
[b]Michaelboy88[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Administration[/i]
[b]Tim Burke[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Defense[/i]
[b]Ceaser Augustus[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Internal Affairs[/i]
[b]estaked[/b] - [i]Chancellor of Finance[/i]

Edited by Yuurei
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[font="Verdana"]After casually spending the last several months working to get to this treaty, I am proud to finally make our friendship official.
[b]TSA[/b] are an awesome group, and we are proud to have them as formal allies now.

It was supposed to be [b]ConRed[/b] making the post, since he wrote the treaty...and because those that know me know I'm not one for lulzy.
Unfortunately, RL made it impossible for him to make the post, and rather than further delay what has already been a ;long time coming, he asked me to take care of it.

So pour another round for [b]ConRed[/b]. He is also responsible for making this come together.[/font]

[size="4"][font="Tahoma"][b]o/ Terran Empire
o/ The Shadow Accord[/b][/font][/size]

[color="#FF0000"][size="6"][font="Arial Black"][b]Yuurei.[/b][/font][/size][/color]
[font="Verdana"][size="3"][color="#4169E1"]Chancellor Prime of Terran Empire[/color][/size][/font]

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Thanks to Yurr for throwing this up for me. I had some pretty debilitating RL issues Ill likely be dealing with for the better part of the year. Thanks to Terran for being generally terrific people. Glad to see our our friendsip growing.

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