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CSN Announcement

Liz Girard

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And now an official announcement from the
[b][u]Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations[/u][/b][/color][/size]

We'd like to introduce our newest government line up as follows:
Machanidas as Minister of Foreign Affairs
Torchwood as Minister of Interior Affairs (again!)
Panhead369 as Director of Education
Valdoroth as Director of Recruitment
Rotavele as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Crazyman93 as Deputy of Interior Affairs


[b][u]Executive Leaders[/u][/b]
[b]Head of State[/b]: Liz
[b]Deputy Head of State[/b]: SpacingOutMan

[b]Minister of Defense[/b]: Fenrir
[b]Deputies of Defense[/b]: Rotavele
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Machanidas
[b]Deputies of Foreign Affairs[/b]: LennyBronx & Eaton
[b]Minister of the Interior[/b]: Torchwood
[b]Deputies of the Interior[/b]: KOwens06 & Crazyman93

[b]Director of Trades[/b]: KOwens06
[b]Director of Raiding[/b]: Liz
[b]Director of Education[/b]: Panhead369
[b]Director of Finance[/b]: JD252
[b]Director of Recruitment[/b]: Valdoroth


Feel free to stop by and say hello to our new & old gov/members

[b]IRC[/b]: #csn on irc.coldfront.net
[b]Forums[/b]: [url=http://cncommonwealth.com/forum/index.php]Link[/url]
[b]Cybernations Wiki[/b]: [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Commonwealth_of_Sovereign_Nations]Wiki[/url]


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[quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1319166178' post='2829641']
one of those names is not what I expected.

I bet not :P

[quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' timestamp='1319166209' post='2829642']
CSN announcements are best announcements. Congrats to the elected.


[quote name='Alex987' timestamp='1319166266' post='2829643']
Oh my, Torchwood is there, brb leaving SF.Grats to all those in gov! :awesome:

Just because he's gov doesn't mean you can't still harass him.

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[quote name='Liz Girard' timestamp='1319166456' post='2829645']
I bet not :P
I wish your new gov luck though Liz.
[quote name='Crazyman93' timestamp='1319166700' post='2829654']
Would it be mine? :P

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