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The Christian Coalition of Countries

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The Christian Coalition of Countries is an alliance dedicated to the defense and promotion of the National Religion of Christianity within Planet Bob.

We are the premiere alliance of Christian nations in Cyber Nations. Having been established in April of 2006, we are also one of the oldest of the smaller independent alliances around.

The CCC is made up of a mix of Catholic, Protestant, evangelical non-Denominational, Eastern Orthodox, and Independent Christian nations. We strive for mutual defense, fellowship, and maintaining good relationships with the nations and alliances around us. The CCC has traditionally been neutral in the ongoing political issues that consume our world, and prefers peace over conflict. However, we are not strict pacifists. We effectively and decisively defend ourselves and our members from unwarranted aggression whenever the need arises.

If you wish to join us and be a part of our long-standing Christian traditions, or simply wish to stop by to visit or fellowship, please drop by the CCC's alliance forums today!

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Since joining this alliance I have learned that being Meek doesn't have to mean being weak. The CCC is a really fun group of people that have always been there to help when I needed it. Come to our forum and say HI if you get a chance.


CCC Forum

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